Nation of CriminalsFor decades, Washington has been adding to the number of federal laws and regulations that carry criminal penalties. Now the number is so high, no one is actually sure how many there are.

Experts say practically anyone could be convicted of some sort of federal crime. And it’s all too easy for anyone to violate one of these laws, and never know it. One Congressman tells CBN News, “We have made it dangerous just to be alive in America.”

Web of Laws Creating Hosts of 'Accidental Criminals'
Imagine you've lived an honest life, and then without warning, you're arrested for a federal crime. That's what happened to racing legend Bobby Unser.

'Overcriminalization' Making Us a Nation of Felons?
Experts say anyone can fall prey to "overcriminalization." CBN News investigated the growing phenomenon and how it's making America a nation of criminals.

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