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The Pitfalls Of Partying With Celebrities

By Tim Smith
The 700 Club -Angela Poor is very familiar with the adage ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.’ ­ She lived it.

“Most of the people we were hanging out with were celebrities that the world idolized. And we were hanging out with these people. And little did they know that behind closed doors, these people were doing drugs and drinking and this glamorous lifestyle wasn’t glamorous at all. It was a living hell.”

Angela and her husband Greg would fly down to Vegas from Iowa to party and gamble.

“We would go in the back stairways where only the elite people went. And we were sitting next to celebrities. And it just becomes an addiction. You hunger for that attention. You hunger for the drugs. You hunger for the alcohol. And it just takes you over.”

It wasn’t just alcohol; cocaine and ecstasy were their drugs of choice. At first, hanging with the jet set was new and exciting. But the thrill started to wear thin. “It’s a reckless cycle. And all of a sudden this new lifestyle that you’re leading, it seems like it’s fulfilling and I used to wake up the next day and I would go through like two or three days of depression.”

“But then you’d feel better and then the weekend came, and then you’d try to fill yourself up again with the glamorous clothes, with the glamorous lifestyle, with the parties, with the people. You’d do it all over again until you were empty again.”

Yet she continued, and the emptiness on the inside grew. “We would be at these parties surrounded by celebrities in the best suites and I would all of a sudden just feel alone. I’d feel like this emptiness inside of my soul.”

“It was this lonely, lonely, longing feeling like I knew what we were doing was wrong. But I didn’t know how to break it. And I knew that my soul was hungering for something more.”

Angela tried to ease her conscience by giving away the money her husband gave her.

“The guilt was so heavy that I would take money and just give it to charity. I was trying to make up for all the sinful behavior that we had. Greg would give me money to go shopping, and I would take half that money and bring it back and donate it to kids on the street, trying to make up for our sinfulness.”

Angela didn’t know how to break out of the destructive cycle. “I finally left Greg in Las Vegas. I knew that I had to change my lifestyle.”

Then after nearly 10 years, she met Pastor Harry Waller at a charity event. “When you first meet Angie, she leaves an impression. And she left an impression on me. But I also saw she really needed a touch from the Lord.”

Angela, explains, “I needed strength. I needed reassurance. I needed God. I needed God so desperately.”

Pastor Waller shares, “So I kept encouraging her through different meetings that we were having that she needed to come to church. I was pastoring a church in Council Bluffs, Iowa.”

Angela made a decision. “I started going. I started going even when I didn’t want to go, I’d wake up and go. And finally I was in church. Eventually one day He gave me the strength and the courage to let go of that lifestyle. All of that anger and sadness and fear was lifted in a moment’s notice.”

“I felt free. And that was when my life really started to change. That’s when I received God and Jesus Christ completely. And I knew that it was real and I knew God was real. And I knew that Christ was real. And I just felt so alive.”

As a Christian, a whole new world opened up for Angela. “I was torn a lot. I’ll be honest. Because I felt like this lifestyle keeps tugging you back. They keep pulling you back. Because all of a sudden you go from this lifestyle where really there’s not a lot of accountability to wanting to live your life in the light of Christ. And unless you break loose and cut those people loose, you’re never going to fully live the life that God wants you to, which is way better. There’s no comparison.”

Angela says with God’s help, she did break away from that lifestyle, because following Him was the most important decision of her life.

Pastor Waller saw the change. “The love that she had for other people really began to explode. She loved people when I first met her, but as God really began to use her and break down the old person, the new person really began to emerge; which was one that was full of love. Really, her heart was to touch the lives of other people.”

Angela looks back at her life before Jesus. “I had tried everything. I had tried filling my life with beautiful clothes and Dolce bags and Dolce belts and the best parties and the best sushi and the best food and this beautiful husband and these things. (I had) all these material things, the best cars - and I was never fulfilled.”

“And the only thing that filled me ever in my life was that moment when I experienced Christ. And I felt whole. I felt complete again. I felt finally like that peace I’d been longing for was no longer missing.”

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