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Tracy Edmond's Search for Real Power

By Rod Thomas
The 700 Club“It was the power. You feel a power in it. It was a rush.  It was almost like a heart beating kind of rush, fast, like a rollercoaster. I felt like I was God.”

Tracey Edmond lived the high life as a drug kingpin in Lansing, Michigan. It wasn’t the life he’d imagined for himself. As a young adult he had a promising career in hip hop music. 

But when his rap group fell apart . . . Tracy looked for other ways to make money.

“This voice spoke to me and said, ‘Hey, get a Colombia drug connect.’  My friend knew a guy in prison and he got out.  And he had a number and they knew some people down in Florida.  So he started selling to us.”

Now, as part of the Columbian drug cartel, Tracy distributed kilos of cocaine across the city and watched the cash pour in.

“I’m counting hundreds of thousands of dollars every week, just money just going through my hand.  To some degree, I’m somebody’s God.  I’m their provider, you know?  I’m the one that changes the way they feel.”

But when Tracy’s connection was arrested, Tracy was ratted out, and was soon indicted by the feds.

“Boy was I mad.  I was livid.  I wanted to kill my partners… anybody who could expose me.  I wanted to eliminate any threats to my freedom.  I hired a hit man to do it out of Detroit.  And he came up and I told him about the guy and he wanted $5,000 and a rental car.

But Tracy never carried out the plan. While he waited for his trial, he visited a family friend who prayed for him.

“She said, ‘In the name of Jesus’ and the words she was saying, ‘I plead the blood.  Loose his mind.  Loose his heart.  Loose his way.  Satan, I bind you…’ words like that.  ‘Take your hands off of this soul, it doesn’t belong to you.’”

The next morning, she asked him to take her to church.  She convinced him to come inside and listen to the preacher’s message.

“He began to talk about the streets. He began to talk about how sin has a way of pulling you deeper and deeper to where you lose control.  That made all the difference to me.  And he began to talk about an answer, a solution to it all.”

The preacher said Jesus was the answer to his problems

“I said, ‘God, come into my heart.  If you’re real, save me now.’  That’s all I said.  And I just believed.”

Tracy started praying and reading the Bible. He felt his life changing, but still had to face a judge for his long list of drug charges.

“The Lord started revealing to me that not only is He a God of love, a forgiving God, but He’s also a God of justice.”

Tracy served 10 years in prison for his crimes.  He says God was with him the whole time.

“He promised He would never leave me or forsake me.  He was the One who had mercy and didn’t allow me to die in my sins.  And so prison was bearable because of Christ.”

After his release, Tracy started a church in the same neighborhood where he used to deal drugs.

“Most people look at Jesus as being some person beyond the sky that you talk to.  But to me, He’s my lifeline.  He’s there with me.  He’s a presence.  He’s the Lord.  God is my Father.  I’m going to show my appreciation to Him by living the rest of my life for Him.”

Can God change your life?

God has made it possible for you to know Him and experience an amazing change in your own life. Discover how you can find peace with God.

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