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NFL Star Alfred Morris on Why He Chose Jesus

By Shawn Brown
The 700 Club -They said he wasn’t big enough, fast enough, or strong enough to play in the nfl. but now in his second season with the Washington Redskins, running back Alfred Morris has proven his critics wrong. Drafted in the 6th round, Alfred’s rookie year was one for the record books. He rushed for over 1600 yards and 13 touchdowns. which ranked him 2nd in the league behind the great Adrian Peterson not bad for a from little know Florida Atlantic University.

Shawn: When you hear 6th round, 173rd pick, rushed for 1,613 yards, what goes through your mind?

 “It’s just such a blessing. I mean, I can’t take any credit for that, you know, I just give all the glory to God. Just even me getting drafted, , you know, 6th round. PU I went to FAU for one, not too many people know where that is. It’s not like Florida State or anything like that, said Alfred.”

Alfred was raised in a Christian home but wasn’t quite all in, when it came to building relationship with God.

 “I grew up in the church, but God didn’t really become my God. He’s like, he was our parents’ God, but he wasn’t our God, he wasn’t my God, said Alfred.”

Even in college Alfred continued going to church. But to him, it as more of a habit and still didn’t  give his life over to God.

 “I always gave God the glory all –but I was always one foot in, one foot out.”

During his Junior year Alfred realized that having a part time relationship with God doesn’t work.

Shawn: What kinds of things were you dealing with that year?

“Everything. I mean, I was in a distant relationship, that kind of fell apart. And uh, you know, just dealing with the stress of collegiate football. It’s like you’re working a full time job and you’re a full time athlete, you know, as a job, but you’re not getting paid. On top of that you’re doing full time—you’re a full time student, you know, so it’s just so much. You’re trying to juggle this and juggle that. It’s just—it can get tough at times. Just dealing with that, trying to balance that out, said Alfred.”

Alfred got to a point where he couldn’t take the stress anymore. So he decided to turn his life over fully to the lord.

 “God brought me to my lowest point so He could build me back up. And I broke down, I was like, I can’t do it my way, I surrender, I give it all to you. I gave God my heart that day, said Alfred.”

When Alfred restored his relationship with the Lord, he realized what he’d be missing. 

“Once I gave myself to God, it was like, I was missing out, like I was only cutting myself short. All that time, I was half foot in and half foot out. Once I did get in all in, I’m like man, I was missing this the whole time. God completed me. He was that missing piece of the puzzle. And it’s like, man, like I just want everybody just to feel the love, the joy, that you get from just giving your all to God, said Alfred.”

As a standout at Florida Atlantic, Alfred thought he had a shot at the NFL. But after a rough Senior year and a losing record, it looked like he might not make it. He placed his future in god’s hands.

 “Coming out my prayer was like God, I don’t know what’s going to happen with this whole draft situation, but just place me exactly where I need to be, so I can be used. And he did just that . I mean, Redskins are my favorite team. So I kind of joke, like man, God, you got a sense of humor. I would have never thought that the Redskins would be the team that called me, , you know, on draft day. You know, Coach Shanahan, the Redskins organization had to see something in me that others didn’t, said Alfred.”

Now Alfred is in his 2nd season with Washington and says he wants everyone to know that, every rushing yard, reception, or touchdown is for the glory of God.

 “To be honest with you, the reason I play, God blessed me with a gift. And I go out there, and I use it to glorify Him. Without Him, I wouldn’t be sitting in front of you today. I wouldn’t be on this field playing the Redskins. Without God, without Christ in my life, you know, we’ve all been saved by grace. So I just—I just thank Christ for His sacrifice. I’m always giving my all, in practice, on game day. Just—any play could be your last play, and I just want to make sure that God is happy with the gift He blessed me with and I’m using it for Him, said Alfred.”
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