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NHL All-Star on Christlike Leadership

By Tom Buehring
The 700 Club Phoenix Coyotes’ Shane Doan plays hockey like he lives life – with enthusiasm and purpose... with striking results!

“No matter what I do I’m gonna do it as hard as I can: whether that’s playing hockey, driving the net, back-checking, fore-checking. God made me full of passion and intensity and I love that. I love that part of the sport.”

In a game filled with speed and transition, Shane is an anchor of stability! He’s not only the face of the Coyotes franchise, he’s their pillar! His career has been a statistical success. But it’s his ability to lead where’s he’s made his name.

“If you’re my teammate, I know when push comes to shove; you’re going to have my back. I think that’s something that every hockey player takes pride in, and I know I take pride in. And at the same time, you’re doing it out of a servant hood to your teammates.”

Shane’s listed by NHL writers as one of the 10-best captains in league history.

Tom Buehring CBN Sports Reporter: “When you see that “C” on a jersey, what does it compel you to be?”

Shane: “No matter what, you’d better honor it and that you’d better be respectful of all the people that have worn it before you. And that’s a big part of hockey is the tradition of our sport. And the “C” has been such a staple. For me it means, you’d better do all the little things and you’d better be the guy that’s there for everybody.”

Tom: “Shane has spent all 17 of his NHL seasons with the same organization. One in Winnipeg before the team relocated here to Phoenix.  It’s a very, very rare hockey loyalty, and currently the second longest in the league. Along the way, the all-star captain has developed a stellar reputation for his productivity, his consistency and his leadership.” 

Shane: “It’s something that I don’t take lightly. It’s something that I value and the fact that I think it’s important. Not too many people are given that opportunity and I want to make the most of it.”

He has made the most of it. His work ethic is respected league-wide. A quality Shane learned while growing up in Alberta, Canada, watching his parents run a Christian Ranch for young campers.

“My dad always had a great saying, you know, he’d say ‘If you enjoy hard work, every day is a holiday.’ So I’m going to enjoy everything I do, because that’s one of the verses that my parents drilled into me as a boy. That everything you do, you ‘do heartily as unto the Lord and not unto man.’ I think it gave me an understanding of the Bible that I think is genuine. And it’s all about truth.”

Shane is frequently seen at community and charitable events in the Phoenix area. He was given hockey’s highest leadership award last season.

Tom: “What was it about Jesus, the Jesus that you know, what do you most respect about the way He led?”

Shane: “He is I AM. He’s everything. And yet, He took the time to wash the disciples’ feet at the Last Supper, which is a total contradiction to everything else that we’re taught. Where you make sure you get yours if you want to be a leader, you got to be full of bravado. But He came as a Servant. And that, to me, is an example of His love for us and the thing that I think makes people want to follow Him, and that’s what a leader is.”

Shane demonstrates an unassuming demeanor both on and off the ice. The scoring right wing has endured three years of uncertainty while his team waits for new ownership, foregoing more lucrative offers in free agency to stay with the only franchise he’s ever known.

“Entitlement and expectations are the two things that I think in people are more trouble than anything else. If you believe that ‘I am owed the respect that you should show me,’ then you are going to be so angry so often. Simply lower your expectations and understand that ‘Hey, I don’t deserve anything. I’ve been given everything.’”

The two-time NHL all-star and World Cup Canadian Gold Medalist skates past what most would find as a reward in itself – instead, he pursues what extends far beyond the rink.

“God is so much bigger than our circumstances are, and cares for us and truly loves me. And truly is my Father that cares about me which is amazing to me. And, He has what’s best in store for me. And if I can just simply relax and accept that, that is a genuine peace of knowing that God is there.”

Shane Doan, the Captain known as a straight shooter aims to remind us where the goal lies.

“What every person in general is looking for is truth. Truth! And God said, ‘For you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.’  Seek truth. It’s what’s contagious. It’s what people want to follow … It’s what people want. This is who Jesus is. Do what you have to do in your life to find truth.”
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