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College Student Finds Kicks in Christ, Not Partying

By Renelle Richardson
The 700 Club

CBN.comIt’s been five years of hard work, but for Kofi Wilson, it’s paying off. In just a few more months, this college senior will be graduating from Southern Connecticut State University.

"When I leave here in May, I’m going to be leaving as a renewed Kofi Wilson. I came in here as someone who didn’t have too much character or integrity," he says.

Like so many wide-eyed freshmen, Kofi saw college as a place for the ultimate party.

"I became acquainted with some seniors on the football team here at Southern, and they brought me into the whole party scene: drinking the beer, smoking the herb, smoking the cigarettes, bringing ladies home, and having sexual relations," Kofi recalls.

Kofi, whose parents divorced when he was young, was raised by his mother.

"She started getting heavily involved in the church and actually wanted me to get involved with her. I’m a young kid now, and she’s going to church for three, four hours, so we had disagreements on the whole church thing," says Kofi. "I believed there was a God, but I was still in the midst of searching."

But in college, Kofi came to realize that without his mother around, he had total freedom to do whatever he wanted -- like selling drugs to other students.

Notes Kofi, "I was selling some marijuana, dime bags, twenty bags, things like that. If I bought an ounce from somebody, I’d sell it. I'd try to make a profit off of that."

Kofi’s behavior was taking its toll on his mother.

"I wanted to just give up, but there was something inside me that said, ‘I’m not going to lose him,’ Kofi's mother explains. "That’s when I began to fast and pray for my son."

Often, prayer is all it takes.

"One night, me and my roommates, we were just chilling with some girls, playing some drinking games in the room," Kofi recalls. "Somehow we were done with that. I was going to another dorm to find somebody and I didn’t know where they lived, so I kept knocking on doors."

When a girl opened one of those doors, Kofi was surprised to hear her offer an invitation to Campus Crusade for Christ.

"She was kind of cute, so I said let me just go in and just chill with this girl. When she gave it to me, it was more confirmation that the Lord wanted me to hurry up and come to Him, because, again, in the midst of my smoking and drinking, I knew that it was wrong, I knew that I shouldn’t be in it, and that God wanted me to stop," he says.

So, one night alone in his dorm room, Kofi asked Jesus to forgive his sins and to be his Lord.

"There was so much worry in the life that I was living, whether it was with ladies -- What does she think? Does she like me? Does this person that I messed with a couple days ago, is he going to be at that party? Does he have boys that are going to jump me? There was so much paranoia in this life that when I said, 'Lord, I need to give it all,' it’s just like all that was lifted off," says Kofi.

That was just four years ago, and in that time Kofi went from being the guy who lived for pleasure to a man who lives for Jesus Christ.

"A lot of people from the outside, they saw my life changed, and they thought it was something that happened that day," he says. "But it was a process that led up to that day. When that day came, my roommates saw me throwing away my old CDs -- JZ, Eminem, -- Kof', what are you doing?’ It was a long time coming when it got to that point where I said, 'I need to live holy for God. I need to live holy.' "

Kofi, who is now president of his school’s chapter of Campus Crusade for Christ and captain of the football team, has his sights set on the pros. Both on and off the field, he shares the Good News that changed his life.

"I believe college students are hungry for something that’s real," says Kofi. "What they’re tapping into now, it’s giving them a quick satisfaction, but in the end, like all of us, because it’s true, you get let down. But Jesus wants to just come in and switch the whole heart around. My job as a Christian on campus is to let them know that the thing they’re searching for is Jesus."

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