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I Want to See My Son

By Rosie Siahaan
The 700 Club Rosanti is not able to do much to care for her four-year-old son, Joko. But she does what she can. The 30-year-old mother is going blind. 

“When my son turned four my vision started getting blurry. Everyone in my family became worried,” Rosanti said.

But even though her sight is nearly gone, Rosanti insists on helping with household chores.

“She often insists on doing laundry,” Rosanti’s mother said. “But because she can’t see well, many clothes drifted in the river.”

Rosanti moved back in with her mom after the cataracts got worse, and her husband abandoned the family.

A simple operation to remove the cataracts can usually restore vision. But Rosanti and her parents had a problem.  

“I can’t afford an operation for Rosanti. So I had no other choice but to let her go completely blind,” her mother said.
Then Rosanti heard that Operation Blessing would provide the surgery she needed for free.      

“I wanted to be healed so that I’d be able to see my son, parents, and family again. I don’t want to burden my parents any longer,” Rosanti said.  

Rosanti took a seven hour ride in a water taxi to reach the hospital.

There doctors removed the damaged lenses in her eyes and replaced them with new inner ocular lenses.  

Moments after they removed the bandages, doctors tested her eyes. It was the first time she had seen clearly in four years!
“I was so happy to see my son that day I came home. He too was happy,” Rosanti said.

Today Rosanti can care for her son and help with the family business, selling coffee.   And that business is now expanding, thanks to a small grant from Operation Blessing.  
“I am so grateful that Operation Blessing provided everything that I needed. Thanks to Operation Blessing who had brought healing to my eyes, and also provided my family with goods for the store,” Rosanti said.


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