The 700 Club with Pat Robertson


A Miracle Healing... In Her Own Words

By Petronela Wilson with Ken Hulme and Lisa Wentland
The 700 Club About two years ago, I had a water cooler in my dining room, and I brought in a new water bottle. I had to lift it and put it on top of the cooler.

Later I suffered severe pain in my right shoulder. When I would go to sleep, if I would ever turn from one side to the other, I couldn’t move my arm freely. I had to take my left arm, grasp my right arm, and move it ever so gently, because it hurt.

I also have a small business -- a foster care home for elderly. I was unable to take care of them.

I went into the doctor and they x-rayed my shoulder. They said that I had torn my tendon, and that I had a tendonitis. My rotator joint was calcifying.

They said all I could do was take pain pills, rest my shoulder completely, and not do any work at all for quite. They suggested several months. I just thought, ‘Wow, how am I gonna do that?’

Petronela and her daughterI had a three- and a half-year-old daughter that wanted Mommy to pick her up. I would but it would be very painful, and I would pay the consequences later.

Over the next year, my shoulder would hurt every day. The doctor [said] that the shoulder would be an issue for the rest of my life.

I love watching The 700 Club every day, if I have the opportunity. On one particular day in March about a year after the injury, the hosts of The 700 Club were ready to pray, and they asked that we would pray along with them. I thought, ‘Oh, absolutely, I’ll pray along with you!’ So we bowed our head in prayer, and I said, “Lord, I need You. I cannot take this every single day. It’s such an obstacle.”

Gordon Robertson had a Word of Knowledge that there are many suffering with severe right shoulder pain. I said, “That’s for me”, and I claimed that healing for myself. While I was praying with the host, I just felt a warmth come over my right shoulder.

When we went to bed that night, I realized I was able to turn over freely without pain. That’s when it hit me. I said, “Wow! This is an absolute, complete healing.”

It’s been about a year now, and my shoulder feels wonderful. It was like the Lord saying to me, “You’re not alone. You are not the sole provider for your family — I am your provider.”

Every day I am very thankful, and I just rejoice in knowing that I can go to our Lord — to a healer, and say, “This is what I need…” [and] that He can say, “I can do that for you.”

I can just brag on my Lord and say, ‘This is what He did for me, and He can do it for you!”

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