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A Praying Church

By Janet White
The 700 Club

Members started fasting after they learned about a program called "The Never Ending Sacrifice."

700 Club producer Janet White recently visited Full Gospel Tabernacle -- read their story!

Janet White: We recently visited Full Gospel Tabernacle, outside of Los Angeles. Church members there eagerly picked up Christian Broadcasting Networks “Steps to Revival” booklet. But this church started its journey to revival 8 years ago. Ironically, Pastor Doug Chambers announced a Saturday night prayer meeting but no one came.

Pastor Chambers: I began to pray about no one coming to prayer meeting and the Lord said, you go up there on Saturday night and you pray. And so I went up to the church on Saturday night from 7 to 8 and prayed a year and the Lord said, now call a prayer meeting. And I called a prayer meeting, people started coming. And now we have a hundred to a hundred and fifty people that come on Saturday night, for no other purpose than to get down and seek the Lord. Get on our face and pray. And that has been the very key of everything that God has done in this church and what He is going to do in the future.

Janet White: Now, people pray at the church seven days a week.

Pastor Doug Chambers: Our church is open at five in the morning. People come from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. every morning, five days a week. The church is open 2 days a week in the evening.

Janet White: Church members started fasting after they learned about a program called “The Never Ending Sacrifice.” Individuals and families fast one day a week, for a month. During the first year of the program, 300 families fasted.

Pastor Doug Chambers: God sent a mighty wave of revival through our church that lasted over a year and a lot of miracles, a lot of signs, great power, great authority. And it just came from that small, 24-hour fast. But it says to me that God is interested in us laying aside the flesh, as Jesus did, to defeat the devil.

Sandy: What God wants to do is come into us and just purify us and cleanse us and set us apart. That’s what I’m hungering for is, God, change me, make me different. Give me something that I can give this world, you know, that they would want to see Jesus. They would want to experience Jesus.

Janet White: For example, Steven Neeham.

Steven: When I first came to this church 2 years ago, I had a need in my life. My marriage was broken. I came with the need and I placed it at the altar and one of the biggest things that drew me to this church when I walked in was the power of prayer. It was almost like a wave of prayer just hit me when I first walked in. I just basically jumped right in, back into prayer, gave my life to Christ.

Janet White: Pastor chambers visited Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola, Florida. After seeing the revival there, he wondered why after years of prayer, his congregation wasn’t experiencing the same thing. Then, the Lord showed him a vision of a wall over the city of Los Angeles.

Pastor Doug Chambers: We’ve got occultism, Hollywood, pornography, this is a real stronghold of the enemy. The Lord said, “If you will stay the course, you will be faithful, and persevere I’ll break it.” Amen. I believe the Lord is going to give that to us. I believe we’re gonna see it. It’s hard, it’s tough, but we’re on a course. And if we’ll keep obeying God, the wall is going to fall. And the Lord has showed a lot of our people the coming glory. The Lord showed one-woman prostitutes walking in our back doors, blind eyes healed and demons cast out. One saint said that the dead shall be raised. I believe God wants this. I believe this is the heart of God. And I believe if we’ll pay the price, the victory will come.

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