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Chuck Holton: How to Become a Leader?

By A Voice of Hope

Chuck says, “Being a leader is really much more about being a servant. It’s about dying to the things that I want and providing for the needs of my family.” So many single guys spend their time looking for the right one, a woman that will make them happy. They are doing it all wrong.

The one question single men should ask themselves is, “Am I the right one?” You become that man who will attract the woman that you need, says Chuck. As a single man, you spend your time becoming the right one.

Many men feel they deserve to be happy. “Says who?” While we all want to be happy, you don’t deserve to find a spouse who makes you happy. This is a selfish way to go about finding a mate. Ron explains, “You deserve to live up to your obligations. You deserve to live out the mission for which you were created.” By doing this, it will provide more fulfillment in you than any other way you are seeking.

A true man is going to try to live up to the standard of manhood outline in the Bible. This standard starts with submitting to your creator and his purpose for your life. Most of the time we as men offer nothing to the Lord except those things which are just worthless to us. Ron says, “We give God the scraps of our attention instead of giving him the majority of our heart.” When we give God our whole heart, we submit ourselves to Him. Then we get a great power that the Holy Spirit gives us to take dominion over the world around us, to subdue it and turn it to a good purpose.

Chuck says the foundation of manhood can be summed up in the acronym “shape.”

S = Submission
H = Honor
A = Assess
P = Perish and Provide
E = Engage

In the Bible Paul says, “I buffet my body and make it my slave so that I won’t be disqualified when the time comes.” Every athlete competes and exercises disciple to earn an earthly crown. We do it for something eternal. A man has to exercise mastery over himself before he can take dominion over the rest of the world.

As for women, Chuck says, “It’s vitally important we train our daughters to recognize a true man.” A woman needs to learn these five steps to manhood. He can be the nicest guy on the planet but if he is not submitted to his creator you don’t want him. He will be the end all and be all of his own existence and you’re a toy that he’s trying to collect. A guy that is following those five facets of manhood is going to be passionate about his life. He’s going to be passionate about the purpose of which he was created and that passion makes him powerful.

Chuck Holton is a bestselling author, international reporter, photographer, video producer, public speaker, adventurer, businessman and most importantly, a husband and father of five children.

After serving eight years in the U.S. Army – four as a Ranger with the Elite 75th Ranger Regiment and four flying helicopters as an Aeroscout Observer in the National Guard, Chuck went on to a successful career as a stockbroker. After ten years, he began to feel compelled to spend more time with his family, so he left Wall Street behind to become a full-time writer.

Chuck is now the author of seven books including Bulletproof, A More Elite Soldier, Stories from a Soldier’s Heart and the Task Force Valor series. He recently collaborated with LtCol Oliver North (USMC Retired) on the New York Times bestselling book American Heroes.  His latest book, Making Men is garnering extensive praise around the country for calling guys to passionate, engaged manhood.

As a backpack journalist and freelance video producer, Chuck travels to more than a dozen countries each year. Drawing on extensive experience in areas of conflict, he seeks out the kind of assignments many journalists avoid. In the past several years, He has trekked across unexplored jungle islands, traveled into Burma with the Karen Rebel Army, embedded with U.S. troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa, reported from Congo, Northern Ireland, Central and South America, Lebanon, Eastern Europe, Mexico and more. His varied interests include backpacking, scuba diving, farming, exploring, and studying world religions. He is also the site administrator for an online community called Homesteading Today.

Since 2010, Chuck has been contributing to the NRA Life of Duty television network as an executive producer and correspondent.

Chuck’s video dispatches are often featured on the Christian Broadcasting Network, where he also maintains the blog Boots on the Ground. He frequently speaks to churches and other organizations around the world on the topics of Biblical manhood, life structuring, adoption, homeschooling and other charitable and patriotic causes. When he is not traveling, he spends time at his farm in Appalachia with Connie and their five children.

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