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Michelle McKinney Hammond


Founder, HeartWing Ministries

Author, The Sassy Girl’s Checklist for Living, Loving, & Overcoming (2007) and The Real Deal on Overcoming Heartache (Formerly released as What Becomes of the Brokenhearted - 2001)

Conference Speaker

Award-winning freelance art director, writer, producer, and voice-over talent for national TV and radio commercials

Co-host of Emmy-nominated show, Aspiring Women


Michelle McKinney Hammond:

by A Voice of Hope

In her book on disappointment, Michelle writes, “If I bought a wedding dress every time someone prophesized that I was going to get married, I would own a wedding boutique.” A friend once told Michelle that disappointment is a dissed appointment.

Michelle says, “A lot of us, whether single or married, make appointments with God that He never agreed to.”  Unfortunately, when God doesn’t show up, we’re disappointed.  We’ve created this disappointment because when we make an appointment with someone we need to check in and make sure that they agreed to the appointment.

Along the journey of life, God trips us, breaks us, and prunes us in building our character. He allows the circumstances of life to change us into who He wants us to be so that we end up looking like Him having way more grace than we when we started the journey. “That actually demands disappointment,” says Michelle.

So how do we handle our disappointments? We cling to Him tighter and allow Him to collect those tears in a bottle like He promised He would. He said He would not leave us comfortless, therefore, that suggests we would need comforting.

“The best way to guard your heart is to surrender your heart to God,” says Michelle. Say, “God you be the keeper of my heart and you let me know when I need to let go of it and trust somebody else to hold it.” In the meantime, don’t throw your heart into the hands of someone who might not be ready to hold it and care for it the way God does.

Jesus faced disappointment head-on when Judas betrayed him and when Peter denied Him. Yet, He kept them close to him knowing what they were going to do. Jesus loved them and had great expectations for them even though many of them disappointed Him.

Michelle says, “I’ve gotten to the place where I don’t expect anything from anyone, but I expect everything from God. I’m very demanding about God showing up, because He promised He would and He’s not a man that He would lie.”

Men are men. My sisters are my sisters. My friends are my friends. They are all flawed. They are all broken just like me. “How dare I be disappointed in others when I’m sure I’ve disappointed others,” says Michelle. We never sit and think, “Who have I disappointed?”

We all need grace. It is a huge component of getting past disappointment. The grace to see people as they are, to see them in their fallen nature, to know they did the best they could. God wants to get to the root of those things inside of us that tremble in the midnight hour that pulls away from the experiences that He really wants to embrace. It’s about helping someone else through the experience. “You can’t comfort someone else with comfort you haven’t received,” says Michelle.

As a bestselling author, speaker, singer and television co-host, Michelle has authored over 35 books (selling over two million copies worldwide), including best-selling titles The Diva Principle, Sassy, Single and Satisfied, 101 Ways to Get and Keep His Attention, and Secrets of an Irresistible Woman. A gifted vocalist, Michelle has recorded two CD’s, It’s Amazing and Let’s Go Inand co-hosted the Emmy Award-winning television talk show Aspiring Women.

She has appeared on countless television shows including Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect, E Channel’s “Soap Talk,” NBC’s The Other Half, The 700 Club, and BET’s Oh Drama! as well as a regular relationship segment on WGN Morning News. She has graced the cover of magazines such asToday’s Christian Woman Precious Times, The Plain Truth and Gospel Today. She has been a contributing writer for Spirit Led Woman,Discipleship Journal and has been featured in articles in Shine, Essence, Ebony, Jet, BlackEnterprise Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, TheAssociated Press and The New York Times.

Following several successful years in an award-winning advertising career as an art director/writer/producer (her clients includedCoca-Cola USA, McDonald’s, Procter and Gamble,GMC and Ford Motor Company), Michelle suffered a devastating leg injury after being hit by a car. For her the accident was a spiritual turning point, a wake up call to embrace her purpose and fulfill her destiny. These bedridden months gave birth to her first bestseller, “What to Do Until Love Finds You.” Since then Michelle has emerged as a highly-respected author, speaker and singer, reaching a diverse audience nationally and internationally. Crossing denominational lines, addressing secular audiences, as well as addressing men and women from every walk of life, Michelle is known for “keeping it real.” She addresses real-life issues with candor and wit, and the hard questions with sensitivity and empathy. This merits her reputation as a relationship and life empowerment coach, crossing the great divide and sharing keys that lead to reconciliation between the sexes.

Michelle’s underlying message is “get yourself in spiritual order and your natural life will come together.” Her passion is to give relevant and workable solutions to people’s questions based in timeless spiritual truths. Sharing solid, effective principles that will help her audience to navigate through the journey of life and reach the ultimate destination of living and loving to their fullest potential.

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