The 700 Club with Pat Robertson


ACo-founder, Orlando Magic, 1987

Inductee into the Basketball Hall of Fame

Ran 58 marathons

Lead 23 teams to the NBA playoffs

Author of multiple books such as Mission is Remission, Coach Wooden’s Greatest Secret and more

Education: BS, Wake Forrest,

Masters, Indiana Univ.

Doctorate in Humane Letters, Flagler Univ.

Married to Ruth 12 years, father of 19 children (4 birth kids, 14 internationally adopted, 1 by marriage), 12 grandchildren


Pat Williams: The Secret of My Success in Beating Cancer

In January 2011, Pat was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, an incurable blood disorder in the bone marrow. While participating in an aggressive treatment program that consisted of both oral and intravenous chemotherapy, Pat vowed to not let the cancer control his life. He continued to work in full capacity, slotting in chemo treatments as his schedule allowed. This is when he adopted the mantra

Dr. Reynolds, Pat’s doctor, started the treatment saying “You’re gonna do well Pat” “Really?” Pat said. This is when Dr. Reynolds told him six things that will help him with his healing. These six things became the essential factors for Pat’s recovery. First, Pat was very optimistic about his treatments. The doctors and nurses from his treatment gave him much support. Second, Pat asks everyone not to miss their yearly physicals but take them seriously.

Keeping yourself in check and keeping fit is important. Next, Pat says that his faith played an important role in his healing. He chose to embrace God when he could have turned away from Him. This was a key in his healing journey. Fourth and fifth factors are Pat’s care and support from family, friends and teammates. Constant love and encouragement from his community was the final factor towards his remission.

Coach Wooden, a good friend of Pat, was always an inspiration. Coach Wooden always said, “The closest I would come to one secret of success would be a lot of little things done well.” Coach Wooden advises that doing little things can make a big difference. Paying attention to the basics is vital in everyday life. From Coach Wooden, Pat observes that it is always good to go back to the fundamentals when you feel lost. It always helps to get back on track.

It’s been two years since he stopped treatments, and today, Pat answers each and every email and phone call, encouraging patients to stay positive and keep battling the disease. The doctors told him to live his life.  Pat is doing just that. From the start, Pat has wanted to be optimistic to get through this battle and give hope to others fighting the same. That is what Pat is doing even now. He is motivating people to get through cancer, just like he did. He is still writing more books, speaking, and enjoying his family.
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