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Dare to be Great (Life Bridge Books 2009)


Founder of Shaneen Clarke Ministries and A Woman’s Call Ministries, which have expanded internationally to India, Italy, Scandinavia, the Philippines, and USA

Holds entrepreneurial seminars for Christians and non- Christians

Has a weekly radio program on Premier Radio and had a TV program, Real Issues, interviewing high-profile people about their testimonies

Qualified Bible Teacher and Corporate Life Coach, trained at
Roehampton University


Shaneen Clarke: Give Me India! Four years ago Shaneen prayed to go to India to minister.  Her prayer was, "Give me India!” Many of the “isms” have come out of India, i.e. Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. 

Today Shaneen has found that the Lord has opened doors for the Gospel all over India.  In December 2010 she was invited to New Delhi on a mission with a team from the USA, which included 9/11 survivor Sujo John. 

Shaneen says New Delhi is where people in the slums are considered the “lowest of the low.” People believe that one’s station in life is based on one’s karma.  Therefore, there is no compassion for the poor. Shaneen and the group brought a band, gifts for the 2000 slum kids, and blankets for the homeless (a mission called "Cover the City”).  

Shaneen found the slum children to be very intelligent, strong, and always smiling despite their situation.  Their English was very good and their math skills were excellent.  Visiting slum children with gifts was an unforgettable experience.

To the other extreme the team spoke at several private schools where the upper class children go.  Thousands of teenagers heard the good news of Jesus Christ as Shaneen spoke.  She saw their faces brighten up. 

This sparked a real zeal for the mission the team had embarked upon.  They visited the Ryan International School which was started by Dr. Pinter who owns most of the private schools in India.  There are about 120 private schools most of which are Christian and 70% of the students are Hindu. 

Shaneen estimates they saw 1500-2000 children per school for a total of 30,000 children in a week.  Sujo and Shaneen shared their testimonies at the assemblies.  They also visited the Jesus and Mary College, where Gandhi’s grandchildren attended. 

The team held a rally with 10,000 in attendance over two nights.  Sujo shared his testimony and many lives were touched.   There was a powerful breakout of the Holy Spirit.  Many people responded and hundreds of people came to accept Jesus for the first time.   

She also had the opportunity to speak at many churches where twenty different states of India were represented.  All in all, the mission exceeded Shaneen’s expectations.  The Bible verse that applies is Ephesians 3:20: "Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us.” Tremendous numbers responded to the Gospel and healing invitations at the same time.  The younger generation wants to do things for Christ and hundreds of people are coming to Christ.  As Christians, we need to take India back for God.

Shaneen and her team are invited to Mumbai in May to focus on ministry to the leadership of India.  They will have teachings on leadership and entrepreneurship.  She is also planning to have a high tea and hold other fund raising events.


Shaneen says that when Mahatma Gandhi was thrown off the train and out of Church in Pretoria, South Africa (circa 1900), he famously said, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” She wonders what would have happened to India if these events had not occurred.  

Education and evangelism can right these wrongs today.  It is never too late but never too soon. There is much to be done to continue that which has been started to reach the 1.2 billion people of India. With 70% of the population under 35 and 76% of the population surviving on less than $2 per day, meeting the needs of the poor starting with the Gospel message becomes a must.

Only 54% of children are enrolled in any pre Primary education and today only 62% of adults and 57% of youth are literate. The Government spends 10.7% on education and is aware of the need to increase this proportion.                         

Many Christian schools are in existence but the Christian message is rarely conveyed.  As India embraces a growth rate in GDP of 7%, it is set to become a major world economy.  However, with this change in culture the ills of capitalism as well as the benefits are imported. It is therefore increasingly important that the Gospel message is conveyed alongside the educational curriculum.

Shaneen and her team pray that India be equipped with the speed, proficiency, and quality that Media brings and through the Holy Spirit the change required. They pray for good teachers, anointed preachers, wholesome TV content, online information, and printed materials. They pray that the indigenous population be reared so that they may bring the message to their fellow citizens.

Their vision is to support India in the new contemporary change and work with local educational structures -train young leaders to support the country in this new change in India.

Shaneen and the team aim to go to India three times a year and support local churches holding meetings, working with pastors, young leaders, businesses, etc.  She says that maybe, the next prime minster of India could come from a Slum background.


She has a new spoken word CD, “Never,” which has her reading twenty scriptures pertaining to “never again” - spoken over soothing worship music available on her website.  Also, on March 18th Shaneen will be holding another high tea at the Ritz in London, where the speaker will be Cheri Blair, wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. 

Shaneen says this year expect the Lord to do immeasurably more than you can ever imagine, because today His power is at work within you. Go for it!


Shaneen was born in London and is from a Hindu Punjabi background. Her father was in the East Indian Army and lived in London. Though her parents did not formally accept Jesus as their Savior until Shaneen was older, they sent her to Sunday school and she had a Christian-based education.

At the age of 14, Shaneen was engaged to marry an Indian man. Her parents arranged a marriage, because they were afraid Shaneen would become unruly and marry a white, English man. As a result of the upcoming arranged marriage, she became suicidal and overdosed on pills. About that time, one of Shaneen’s uncles asked her father if she could attend an Elim Christian Camp Conference. She gave her heart to Jesus at this meeting, and she hoped He would release her from the arranged marriage, and He did.

She began to evangelize in her neighborhood, which led to her family getting saved. Shaneen also joined a local Assemblies of God church. Her pastor gave her the book Daughter of Destiny about American evangelist Kathryn Kuhlman. This book inspired her to pray for a heaven-sent anointing on her life. Hungry to understand more about God and the Holy Spirit, she read more books by great men and women of the Christian faith, such as A.W. Tozer and Smith Wigglesworth.

Her heart for the lost began to grow. Soon her parents allowed her to have weekly prayer meetings at their house, where many young people found Christ. News spread at her church about the meetings and adults wanted to attend too.

Her passion to serve the Lord grew. Sixteen-year-old Shaneen was invited to speak at an evening service. The title of her message was Dare to be Great, which was a teaching about David and Goliath.

During this time of spiritual growth, Shaneen hoped to enroll in a Bible college. However, her parents encouraged her to marry a deacon of the church when she was 17. Early in the marriage, Shaneen found herself in an abusive situation. She stayed in her marriage for almost 10 years and had two children.

After her marriage ended, she took a break from ministry and went into business and modeling, however, her call to ministry never left. About seven years later, she returned to ministry. She married again, this time to an English businessman (to the delight of her father), Martin, who had been radically converted to Christianity.

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