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“When the Game Stands Tall” Actor Talks Faith


Movie roles:  “Cam Colvin” in "When the Game Stands Tall"

Also appeared in "Footloose," "Star Trek: Into Darkness," and will be in "Camp X-Ray" with Kristen Stewart (opens in October)

TV shows:  Plays “Carter” in ABC Family’s “Jane by Design”; recurring role in “Vampire Diaries”; has appeared in “All My Children” and “Meet the Browns”

Graduate, New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts

Guest Bio

“When the Game Stands Tall” Actor Talks Faith

The 700 Club

Ser’Darius Blain is an actor who will star in the upcoming football underdog story "When the Game Stands Tall," which hits theatres August 22nd.  He shares the screen alongside Alexander Ludwig, Jim Caviezel, Laura Dern, and Michael Chiklis in the film, based on a true story.  The movie tells the remarkable journey of legendary football coach Bob Ladouceur (Jim Caviezel), who took the De La Salle High School Spartans from obscurity to a 151-game winning streak that shattered all records for any American sports.  In the film, Ser'Darius plays De La Salle's star wide receiver "Cam Colvin" who, after the team's final undefeated season, experiences life altering tragedies. He loses his mother to illness and his best friend to senseless violence the day before they're set to play at the University of Oregon. Coach Ladouceur is the only person he has left to depend on and his faith is hanging in the balance but he musters the strength to press on with life. 

Ser’Darius is best known for his breakout role as football sensation Woody, in the Paramount remake "Footloose," in addition to playing the always fashionable Carter on the ABC Family show “Jane by Design,” and for his recurring role on “Vampire Diaries.”  In October, he will appear in "Camp X-Ray" with Kristen Stewart.

Ser’Darius’ mother said Hannah's prayer when she found out she was pregnant. “My spiritual journey began at conception,” says Ser’Darius.  “She dedicated me to the Lord in hopes He would help her raise me in return”. She stayed true to that commitment and raised him in the church from a young age. When he was 8 years old, his mom stepped out on faith to pursue her master’s degree from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa Oklahoma. Moving from Miami to the heart of the Bible belt was one of the best things to happen to Ser’Darius’ life.  It was there that his spiritual gifts began to be cultivated. “I received the gift of tongues and my prophetic gift was sharpened. I also began to see very clear visions accompanied with vivid dreams.  At such a young age, at times it frightened me.  I had no idea what to do with it,” he says.  Over the next few years he continued to be an active member in the youth department at Victory Christian Center where Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty was head pastor.  When they moved back to Florida, they joined Truth Revealed Ministries. There, Bishop Merton Clark took him under his wing and along with his board of ministers (and his mother, of course), gave Ser’Darius the foundation he needed to stand up for Christ in everyday life.  “I was in discipleship training for the youth department and knew I had a calling to purity but I just wanted to be a "regular teenager." It was at that moment that I begged God to take away my gifts so I could just live normally.  I didn't want to see spirits anymore or hear that small, still voice within me. I just wanted to be normal. God obliged me.  It my version of a break up with God,” he says.

Months later he auditioned for a talent competition called Actors, Models & Talent for Christ. He came away with several awards including a scholarship to the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.  He moved to New York and saw it as a chance for a fresh start. “I had a new lease on life and was determined to make it on my own.

Things were going well for a while but there was an intense feeling of emptiness that I couldn't shake.  I knew what it was but wouldn't give in out of pure stubbornness,” says Ser’Darius. In the midst of that, he lost his job and his mother's health failed tremendously. She lost her house, her job and was at one point (unbeknownst to him) sleeping in her car.

Ser’Darius became furious with God. "I'm the one who ended our relationship, not my mom! She's been perfect and upright as long as I've been alive. Why are you punishing her?! You're so unfair!” Things eventually got worse and she was forced to move in with him to New York.  They even got kicked out of his apartment on Thanksgiving in 2007.

With nowhere to go, Ser’Darius was forced to cry out to God and beg for forgiveness and help. Almost immediately, He provided them with a place to live and Ser’Darius with a new job. “It was as if God said, "I've been waiting for you to do that son. Welcome back," says Ser’Darius. The fulfillment he was searching for was once again present in his life and though things continued to be difficult, it was bearable and he knew they were not alone.

Ser’Darius was led to move to California eventually but not without a fight. After a few more struggles, God blessed him with a lead role in "Footloose" and He's been blessing ever since. 

Recently, the spiritual gifts he once denounced came back in full strength.  “I was reminded of what God wanted of me all along - to lead by example. I was running from the calling of God because I didn't want the responsibility of standing upright and living under a microscope.  I know now that others’ destinies rely on my destiny and purpose. I've accepted the challenge and am actively walking in that purpose,” he says.

Ser’Darius’ mother learned that Ser in Latin means to be and Darius means prosperity and plenty. So his name literally means to be prosperous and have plenty.

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