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Mike Weaver: Losing Big Daddy

By Jewel Graham Taylor
The 700 Club

CBN.comIn just one year’s time, Mike Weaver, lead singer of Big Daddy Weave, shed 84 of the 90 pounds he’d set out to lose in 2009!

“I'm blown away and I'm so thankful too, because not only for the 84 pounds, but just for how different my life is physically,” Mike tells The 700 Club.

Dr. Asa Andrew led Mike through the nutrition and exercise portion of his program.

“He's always been kind of an overweight guy,” says Dr. Asa, “and for him in his mind, he was really thinking in the beginning, ‘Can I really do this?’ So for him it was the first 10 pounds that was the victory. He’s seen that he can walk over that mountain. He took responsibility, and his life will never be the same.  There is always hope to get your health back.”

To get well, Mike had to drastically change his lifestyle.  Diet, sleep and exercise all played a role.

“Getting into the gym was such a foreign idea to me, but now this is part of my life,” Mike says. “I go to the gym everyday pretty much.  When I’m at home, it’s cardio every morning, and then three days a week, we're meeting with a strength trainer. [I’m] eating so much differently. My life is a completely brand new place in so many ways, and I thank God for that.”

Some days Mike thinks he sees more of a spiritual change than a physical one.

“I think the Lord redefines for me this year what grace is really.  My body is a temple where God lives, and He has expectations of us. Not for us to try and make those things happen on our own; it’s about learning how to surrender every area of our life in Him, live in His grace and He empowers us to live for Him.”

Mike’s wife Kandice has been his biggest supporter along the way. She says, “Watching Mike over the last year has been amazing. There have been times where it's been extremely hard for him and other times where we have rejoiced in the little things that have happened on a daily basis. I really felt like my role in the last year was to do everything I could at home so that he could focus on his work and his journey with this weight loss and praying for him constantly that he would not be discouraged and not believe the lies Satan tells him that he can't do it. He can do it. He's proven that he has. I'm so proud of him for coming so far and working so hard and sticking to it. It's not easy to lose as much as he has.”

So what does lie ahead in 2010?

“I'm excited about the future, because even though we've made lots of changes, it really just makes me hungry for even more of a change to embrace what it is that God has for next year,” Mike says.

For now, Mike is enjoying being able to keep up with his boys.

“It was cool, because that was the first time I reached into my closet and found that something fit,” says Mike. “Everything is too big now, and that's great! The truth is I feel so much better. It’s easier to move. I feel alive man. That is motivation to keep going.”

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