The 700 Club with Pat Robertson

October 2012





CBN News: 'America for Jesus' Rally Prays for Revival

Even though Hurricane Isaac destroyed their home, Gina and Danny used their boat to rescue stranded neighbors and volunteered with Operation Blessing to help other victims. Learn how God blessed them for blessing others.

The Voss family doubled their income while paying off $40,000 in debt and The Parks family put financial troubles in the past.


CBN News: Minority Church Leaders Usher 'Souls to the Polls'

Doctors told Ba Xiao’s parents that their daughter wasn’t worth saving but this Chinese farmer and his wife refused to give up. Learn how this thirteen-year-girl defied the odds.

Frank and Dawn were filled with anxiety about their debt and finances. Having no way out, Frank found an answer that brought peace and prosperity to their household.


CBN News: Possible 'Taxmageddon Headed to the Middle Class

Christian artist Jimmy Needham shares about living a double life and his path to redemption.

The 700 Club's Scott Ross revisits with best selling authore Eric Metaxas.


CBN News: Game Changer? Romney Has Big Night in Denver

Pete Thomas discusses his dramatic weight loss and how he has kept the weight off.


CBN News: Weak Economy Top Issue for Voters Ahead of Election

worship leader Israel Houghton updates us on his ministry and sings live in our studio.

Pastor Joey Bonifacio shares how discipleship begins and ends with relationships.


CBN News: Romney on Foreign Policy: 'Time to Change Course'

Learn about the most important prayers every prayed in American history beginning with George Washington.

2011 NCAA wresting champ Anthony Robles shares about his success and overcoming challenges.


CBN News: Denver Bounce: Mitt Romney Surging in Popularity

Washington Redskins linebacker Lorenzo Alexandershares how a teammate impacted his faith.

Pat Robertson shares the secret to his scrumptuous Fall minestrone soup.


CBN News: State Dept. Contradicts White House on Libya Attack

A vision of heaven made a profound impact on Alan Youngblood's view of God.

Author Marlene Koch shares about her new book, How to Eat More of What You Love.


CBN News: Game On! Ryan, Bide Prep to Face Off in VP Debate

Michiael & Janet Cross faced death when a gasoline tanker truck they were riding in went off the road and up in flames.

Ten-year-old Sulita desperately wanted to attend school, but was too ashamed of her appearance to leave her home


CBN News: Biden, Ryan Clash on Foreign Poilicy, Social Issues

Jay & Deborah Ross loved to party and live wild, but an experience with God changed their habits forever.

Best-selling author and speaker Josh McDowell updates us on his ministry.


CBN News: Obama Barely Leads Romney Ahead of Second Debate

Motorcyle gang life and drug addiction defined Jeff Stultz until a curiosity about God led him to Church.

Guinness World Record holder Nik Wallenda shares about his high-wire feats and the role that faith plays in his life.


CBN News: Second Debate Crucial to Convince Swing Voters

TLC's DC Cupcakes ladies return to 'The 700 Club' to discuss the importance of celebrating special occasions.

Aaron Enous had a tough childhood and was uncertain if God even existed until a vision changed everything.


CBN News: Obama, Romney Swing Hard in Feisty Second Debate

He's been one of the most explosive running backs in the NFL for the bulk of the past decade, now get to know what drives Steven Jackson.

Eight million people regularly listen to the nightly syndicated radio program, 'Delilah.' Now get to know the woman behind the microphone.


CBN News: Brit Hume: Left-Leaning Media ias is Tangible

Actor Kevin Sorbo was on fast forward until a health crisis forced him to pause and reevaluate life.

The 700 Club takes a look at the role prayer played in protecting American troops in the War of 1812.


CBN News: Billy Graham Ad Encourages Voting Biblical Values

Jordan Wagner shares about his ministry 'Generosity Water' and his new documentary, 'La Source.'

Roy and Melanie Fields discuss their international ministry and their desire to see revival sweep the nations.



CBN News: Candidates to Tackle Foreign Policy in Final Debate

4-time baseball All-Star Adrian Gonzalez shares how he keeps a balanced perspective as a high profile athlete on a big stage.

Rhoda Janzen discusses how she was able to find joy after her husband abandonded their marrage in pursuit of another man.


CBN News: Debate Repeatedly Shifts from Foreign to Economic Policy

New York Mets pitcher R. A. Dickey discusses his faith on the back drop of his career as a professional athlete.

When Lourdes’ husband suddenly died, tears of grief almost overwhelmed her, but soon the cries of her five hungry children overshadowed her personal pain.


CBN News: Who's Counting? The Real Threat of Voter Fraud

Author and fitneess expert Jennifer Tuma-Young will share some secrets to help you keep life balanced in all areas.

Benny Hinn visits the Virginia Beach studios of The 700 Club to discuss the spiritual significance of current events in the Middle East.


CBN News: One Dead in Shooting at Creflo Dollar's Church

Gordon Robertson shows us how to cook an easy Thanksgiving meal.

Co-founder of Iris Ministries, Heidi Baker shares about the miracles she has seen in Mozambique.


CBN News: Deadly 'Frankenstorm' Bearing Down on East Coast

CBN Sports takes us behind the scenes of the 2012 World Series with stories of faith on baseball's biggest stage.

Preacher's kid Christa Black cracked under the pressure to be picture perfect. She shares how she overcame destructive addictions.


CBN News: Operation Blessing Helping Residents Prep for Sandy

Jeffery Thompson shares his story of dying during surgery five years ago and experiencing the presence of God.

After a childhood of abuse and a dismal journey into adulthood, Paige Torgersen was literally going crazy unitl she heard God's voice.


CBN News: Millions Without Power as Sandy Menaces East Coast

Mary Neal describes her experience of heaven and angels after drowning in a kayaking accident.

A drug binge put Carl Knighton at death's doorstep. The result was an experience of hell that changed his life forever


CBN News: Sandy Aftermath: East Coast Struggles to Recover

The false religion Santeria defined John Ramirez, but after years of evil Jesus offered him a new identity.

An 18-wheeler truck ran into her, and Deerinda went from being trapped in her car to being on the stair steps of Heaven.