The 700 Club with Pat Robertson

September 2012





CBN News: Gulf Faces Flooding, Lack of Power after Isaac

Kamal Saleem was a devout Muslim who heard a voice call his name and he then saw a vision of Christ. 

Danny Wallace was traumatized by abuse that came at the hands of his own father.


CBN News: Obama Campaign Stumbles on 'Are You Better Off?'

You know the headlines, but CBN Sports uncovers the real Michael Vick.

After a hurricane destroyed their home and bakery, Gladys and Juan were forced to live in a tent city. God used you to rekindle their dreams.


CBN News: Dems Scrub 'God' References from Party Platform

Dr. Kevin Leman discusses the important role that mothers play in the lives of sons.



CBN News: Chaotic Vote: Platform Change Sparks Rancor at DNC

Jack Harris was on his way to a Redskins football game when a terrible car accident put him in a coma.

Angela Coffman shares her homemade cleaning recipes guaranteed to save you money


CBN News: DNC Platform Puts Some Blacks, Latinos on the Fence

NFL Hall of Famer Jim Kelly shares fatherhood advice from his new book.

Gordon Robertson takes viewers on an historic joureny to revisit The Siege of Vienna.


CBN News: Iran Pastor Released, but Danger Remains

A sex addiction threatened to take everything Jonathan Daugherty held dear.

Immortalized in the 1993 film, 'Rudy,' Daniel 'Rudy' Ruettiger now encourages others to pursue God.


CBN News: Experts: Al Qaeda Weaker, But Don't Relax Yet

In the fires of the Pentagon Tony Rose fought to live and to save others on September 11, 2001.

Joe and Denise Bradford discuss the new movie, 'Uconditional,' based on their experiences of helping people in need.


CBN News: US Ambassador Killed in Libya Consulate

Nisa Burns is dedicated to teaching young people how to cook and eat healthy as they venture out in life on their own.

John Ramseysits down with The 700 Club's Scott Ross to share how faith helped him through the aftermath of JonBenet Ramsey's murder followed by the death of his wife years later.




CBN News: Obama Vows Justice for 'Senseless' Ambassador Killing

Angus Buchan is a South African farmer sharing the miracles he has seen in Africa.

She was raised as a Jehovah's Witness, but when Cynthia Cooper began having questions, she had an encounter with Christ.


CBN News: US on High Alert as Mideast Violence Spreads

Shawn Christopher was living her dream as a touring back-up singer, but something was missing.

In 2011, Trevor Baynebecame the youngest driver to win the Daytona 500, but winning on the race track is not the ultimate goal for this young man.


CBN News: Israel's Netanyahu Appeals to US Voters on Iran

Author Dutch Sheets shares how dreams and God-given destiny are connected.

A drunk driver slammed into the Barrick family car leaving daughter Jen barely clinging to life. The Doctor's prognosis was grim.


CBN News: Muslim Leader: Riots Start of 'Serious Movement'

Megachurch pastor Bishop Harry Jackson encourages us on the importance of praying for our nation.

Earl Mawyer was shocked on Good Friday 2012 when a Navy fighter jet crashed inot the aparment complex he manages.


CBN News: NATO Halts Joint Afghan Ops Over 'Insider Killings'

Author and speaker William J. Federer revisits some of the greatest miracles in American history.

Stranded at sea with several family members twenty miles off the coast of South Carolina, Rex Willimon got a real life lesson on the power of prayer.


CBN News:Orchid Kingpin? Miatake Lands Elderly Gardener in Prison

Best-selling author Max Lucado explains that praying for grace is especially important as we focus on praying for America.

Grant Bolt's day started off with adventure. It ended near death at the bottom of a mine shaft.


CBN News: White House on Hot Seat Over Libya Consulate Attack

Pastors Anne Gimenez and John Blanchard promote the upcoming 'America for Jesus 2012' rally in Philadelphia.

William Penn was described by Thomas Jefferson as "the greatest lawgiver the world has produced."


CBN News: NYC Makes Plan B Available in 13 High Schools

CBN partners helps Shaw Za receive a hearing aid enabling her to go to school in her hometown in China.

Joseph Harding learned about the power of giving while watching The 700 Club. He decided to put those principles to the test and blessings ensued.


CBN News: Israeli Leaders Protest Ahmadinejad's UN Speech

The only source of water in Ximoara's Peruvian village was a dangerous open well. Operation Blessing was able to change that.

The Barkhimer'swere struggling financially and they were blaming God.


CBN News: NYC Parents Irate over School Birth Control Program

Cody and Cheri were convinced that they had to spend money to make money, only the money didn’t come in. Despite mind-boggling debt, they turned their business around and now live debt free.

Chris Price had always provided for his family. But when Chris’ hours were cut, he had difficulty putting food on the table. Find out how you are helping this young family.


CBN News: Euro Death Spiral, Greece in Total Emergency

Scott had become homeless after losing his wife to cancer. Then, God dramatically transformed his life and finances. 

Although Zhi Xiang was a fourth grader, he had never attended school-his severe heart defect made him too weak.


CBN News: Analysts: Don't Believe The Political Polls

Chad’s heart disease led to serious financial challenges. He and his wife, Kim, found a way out—and taught their kids this life-changing strategy as well.. 

When her husband was seriously burned in a fire, Om Abrams tried to support their family by making cheese, but her equipment kept breaking down.