The 700 Club with Pat Robertson

July 2013





CBN News: 'We're Devastated': Ariz. Mourns Firefighters Deaths

Robert started out as the face of the law, but his decision to be a dirty cop put him in the crosshairs of the justice system. 

Dustin Ellerman shares his experience of staying true to his Christian faith while winning The History Channel's 'Top Shot' reality show.


CBN News: One By One, Countries Deny NSA Leaker Asylum

Scott was a cocaine dealer and sex addict. His gods were money and women until hi discovered the one true God.

Danielle was a porn star and a high class call girl when the reality of her vulnerability to violence and death woke her up.


CBN News: Egypt's Morsi Defiant, Refuses to Step Down

An advertisement for a dancing job led Teresa into the sex industry. Years later, an ad for a local church helped her escape into a life with Christ.

Years of pain and rejection from childhood ushered Jimmy into a life of drug abuse that plagued him as a professional Hollywood stuntman, until one day a friend challenged him to read a Bible.


CBN News:

Veteran of the second World War, George Shee reflects on the Lord's protection during his military service and life since.

Phil and Kay Robertson of the hit A&E television program Duck Dynasty join Terry Meeuwsen to share how their faith has been integral to their success.


CBN News: Egypt's Chief Justice Sworn in after Morsi Ouster

Abused and manipulated by people that he trusted most, Rafael Saracual was a broken man. Could he find the power to forgive those who had hurt him?

Kara prayed for her husband to be Godly, but she wasn't ready to follow the same path.


CBN News: Egypt Prosecutors Accuse US of Propping Up Terrorists

Ben felt that a full commitment to God would negatively affect his pursuit of fun, so he lived life on his terms until he almost died.


CBN News: Shooting the Golden Goose? Californians Flee Taxes

Malibu Nanny Pam Behan shares her experience of being the Nanny for the Jenner and Kardashian children.

Stage 4 cancer near his brain left Jacob with only a 10% chance of living beyond 5 more years, but he believed God would heal him.


CBN News: Egypt's Christians Hopeful Despite Uncertain Future

Author and chef Barton Seaver discusses how grilling can bring families together for celebratiion and good eating.

Quarterback Jon Kitna played 16 seasons in the NFL and even in retirement he still strives to life life for God's glory.


CBN News: Islamic Jihadists Decapitate Egyptian Christian

A lust for the 'wild life' of parties and sex drove Suzanne into a deep depression and overwhelming sadness.

Michael's crack addiction took his life into the gutter, literally.


CBN News: Egyptians Hopeful Economic Recovery Ahead

News anchor Les Smith battled depression and alcoholism in secret for decades before finally disappearing from the airwaves, barely clingling to life.

Cathy Ward shares an incredibiel story of survival when a boating accident nearly took the life of her husband and son.


CBN News: Zimmerman Acquittal Sparks Nationwide Protests

Suicide seemed like the best end to a life of drugs and crime, until God spoke to Phil.

A car accident left Randy Lawrence with sciatic nerve damage that made it nearly impossible to rotate his neck without severe pain, until God performed a miracle.


CBN News: Riots Continue in L.A. Over Zimmerman Verdict

Baltimore Orioles slugger Chris Davis shares the inside scoop on his faith with CBN Sports.

Bonita's diagnosis of acid reflux was discouraging to her, but it was no match for what God would do after a healing prayer on The 700 Club.


CBN News: DC Suburb Preps for 'Drought' amid Heat Wave

Experience the musical stylings of Sensere, a collaboration of original vocals and melodic baselines featuring strong men of God.

Drug addiction pushed Brandon into a life of crime that cost him his freedom.


CBN News: ACLJ Slams Big to 'Placate; Tea Party Plaintiffs

Shawn was living her dream as a touring back-up singer, but something was missing.

Trevor Bayne became the youngest Daytona 500 champion in 2011, but there's more to Trevor than winning.


CBN News: Obama Goes on PR Offensive for Embattled Health Care Law

John slid into a lifestyle of excessive drug use and criminal behavior that lasted for over 30 years.

Abusive relationships caused Tomasa to lose her identity and self worth.



CBN News: Detroit Officials Defend Bankruptcy Decision

Ministry leader Rebekah Lyons shares about her struggle with panic attacks and depression as a young mother.

Alphonza's love of money led to prison where a desperate cry to Jesus set him free.


CBN News: A Royal Birth: Britain Waits to Meet New Prince

Former "The Voice" contestant Holly Tucker will discuss her faith in Christ and how it impacted her time on the show.

Shawna was scared of the pain in her throat that was affecting her ability to swallow, but one prayer changed everything.


CBN News: Obama's Job Approval Numbers Drop Sharply

Veteran NFL kicker David Akers shares how important his relationship with God has been during life's difficult times.

Celebrated author Debbie Macomber talks about how she made it to the top of the writing profession while being dyslexic.


CBN News: Obama Kicks Off Economic 'Refocus' Tour

Author Naomi Striemer shares her story of being on the verge of superstardom when it all silpped away.

After surgery to remove a tumor, Robin's appendix ruptured sending her into a coma with little chance for survival.


CBN News: Spain Investigates Train Operator in Deadly Crash

Steve and Sandra had the perfect master plan that gave their big family a large home and freedom from debt. When the plan failed, they were left with two mortgages, trying to avoid foreclosure.

Involved in drugs and gangs, Joey hid from the law by working at an auto parts factory. Little did he know that most of his coworkers were Christians.


CBN News: Open Season on Christians After Pro-Gay Rulings

Neglected by her mother, Tonier turned to prostitution and drugs to survive. The threat of losing a child would serve as her wake-up call behind bars.

With  the completion of two renaissance paintings of Biblical scenes, Regent University’s new chapel is finally complete.


CBN News: Muslim Brotherhood Fights for Control in Egypt

Silicon Valley businessman Mark Weimer shares about his ministry to unite Christians into an online community praying for each other.

Raised as a devout Hindu, Eric believed many lies about God, but he soon found that Jesus was the true savior.


CBN News: GOP Says 'No Deal' to Obama's 'Grand Bargain'

Author Eva Piper shares her side of the story when a tragic accident sent her husband Don into Heaven for ninety minutes.

TawfiQ's mother never stopped praying that her son would escape the clutches of Islam and find freedom in Jesus.