The 700 Club with Pat Robertson

May 2013







CBN News: Tsarnaev Family Received $100,000 in Public Aid

Boxer Robert 'The Ghost' Guerrero talks with CBN Sports about his faith and upcoming match against undefeated world champion Floyd Mayweather.

Steve DeMossmiraculously returned from a coma after being annointed by his pastor.


CBN News: Text Land Boston Suspect's Friend in Hot Water

A life-long struggle with identity and weight pushed Jackie Ngomesia to death's doorstep.

Author and evangelist Daniel Kolenda shares how God is reaching the nations.


CBN News: Gay Marriage Now Legal in Rhode Island

After being born at only 26 weeks, Miracle Aduloju's survival lived up to her birth name.

Author Rev. Samuel Rodriguez discusses the connection betwen obedience to God and service to others.


CBN News: Israelis Calm Despite Heightened Syrian Tensions

Regent alum and best selling author of, "Unwritten," Charles Martin shares how faith has shaped his career.

Bars, drugs and motorcycle gangs summed up the existence of Bear until his wife tried to kill him.


CBN News: Whistleblower: Benghazi a Terror Attack From 'Get-Go'

When Katrina's pastor crossed the line with her sexually Katrina wanted out of this life.

Riding out a hurricane in a car became deadly for Morganne when a tree fell on the roof.


CBN News: 'Mosquebuster' Takes on Britain's Islamists

The Minar's attribute their move from unemployed to employed while also finding a home for fifty percent below market value to the Law of Reciprocity. .

Bobby Bowers was a drug dealing, drug using gang member landed in prison where his life is radically changed after an encounter with Jesus.


CBN News: Task Force Declares War on Overcriminalization

Author Stephen Mansfield revisits the political intrigue and religious corruption of Jesus’ crucifixion.

On the fast track to glam rock fame and fortune in the 1980s, Bob sold his soul for sex, drugs and rock n' roll.


CBN News: Ohio Prosecutors: Castro Could Face Death Penalty

Head of the Christian Alliance for Orphans Jedd Medefind shares insights on the foster care system.

Mother of 11 adopted children and 28 foster children, Dana Steele shares the story of her heart for orphans.



CBN News: Republicans Demand Probe as IRS Scandal Widens

Psychologist and author Dr. Henry Clouddiscusses his latest book, "Boundaries for Leaders."

Traci was a rebellious teen who slipped into a life of addiction and prostitution before turning to God.


CBN News: Minn. Governor to Sign Gay Marriage Bill Tuesday

MLB slugger Corey Hart shares how drugs and alcohol almost derailed his career and family.

Author Barbie Breathitt reveals how dreams can bring direction to people's lives.


CBN News: Vermont Decriminalizes Pot Possession

Phil Robertson, the partriarch of A&E's Duck Dynasty visits The 700 Club with his wife Kay.

Komlan, an African boy with a paralyzed leg experiences a life-chaning event.


CBN News: IRS Tea Party Scandal Sparks Criminal Investigation

Former Victoria's Secret model Kylie Bisuttidiscusses the conflict between her faith and her career.

Brad was a successful photographer in New York City until he developed a drug addiction that stole his passion for life.


CBN News: Tsarnaev: Bombings Retaliation for Muslim Deaths

Corey found out early that life is much better and finances much easier when you live under the favor of God. See how his finances have been blessed by God.

After their parents abandoned them, four-year-old Lom carried his one-year-old brother to their aunt’s house to ask for food. After she refused to let them in, the brothers sat down by the side of the road.


CBN News: Twisters Carve Deadly Path Across Midwest, Plains

Spending money as fast as she earned it, Cynthia found herself jobless and $30,000 in debt. She could have lost hope but she instead found it.

Known for taking in abandoned children, Mao was not surprised to find a crying baby girl on her doorstep. But this baby had a cleft lip. How could she even survive?


CBN News: At Least 20 Children among Oklahoma's Dead

A tragic death, bankruptcy, and homelessness couldn't keep Jerry and Paula from God’s love. After hitting rock bottom, they made a decision that gave them hope for the future and a multi-million-dollar business.

Han was only ten-years-old when his father died and his mother abandoned him. A neighbor gave the boy a place to live in exchange for watching his cows, but Han faced constant hunger. Would no one care for him?


CBN News: Moore Resident: 'We Are Going to Survive This"

Scott had become homeless after losing his wife to cancer. Then, God dramatically transformed his life and finances. Watch Scott's story and see what he says is the only step to take with your money.

Ernest felt like he had holes in his pockets. He and his wife, Marva, found a way to pay off $100,000 in debt. See if their strategy can mend the holes in your pockets.


CBN News: London Terrorist: Soldier's Murder 'Eye for an Eye'

Gene and her little dog took cover in her small closet just moments before the F-4 tornado struck her Texas town.  Even as she heard the tornado roar around her she sensed God holding on to her. 

From scavenging for food to taking any job around, Todd and Dana knew what it was to hit bottom. But when they began to obey the laws of financial blessing, they prospered more than they even dreamed.


CBN News: Faith Leaders Mull Implications of Boy Scout Vote

Corey found out early that life is much better and finances much easier when you live under the favor of God. See how his finances have been blessed by God.

Wen Yue had a hole in her heart, making it difficult to breathe and  keep up with other children.  Instead of kindness she received ridicule and abuse.  Her parents were too poor to pay for surgery so they prayed. What would the answer be?


CBN News: Obama: America Stands with Moore, Okla.

Shawn was living her dream as a touring back-up singer, but something was missing.

Trevor Bayne became the youngest Daytona 500 champion in 2011, but there's more to Trevor than winning.


CBN News: Obama to Nation: Don't Take US Troops For Granted

Haley lost her husband in Iraq and she had to make tough choices on how to move forward with her own military career.

Lisa seemed to have it all, but she struggled to understand the feeling that something was missing.


CBN News: Freedom Works VP: IRS Scandal Just Beginning

ORU President Dr. Mark Rutland shares insights on how he helped the school climb out of debt.

Vera's battle with Leukemia was a catalyst to saving her rocky marriage with John.


CBN News: Israelis Ready for War amid Looming Syria Threat

When injuries sidelined gifted athlete Jay Cardiello, he found faith in Christ.

Gordon Robertson invites us on an archaeological adventure to the ancient Valley of Elah and the significance it had in the life of David.


CBN News: Ominous Storm Clouds Put Midwest On Edge

Gordon Robertson shares his insights from the biblical City of David.

Boston Red Sox catcher, Jarrod Saltalamacchia,talks about baseball and faith in the aftermath of April's bombing.