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Week of October 7, 2012

Monday 10//8

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Anthony Robles

2011 NCAA wresting champ shares about his success and overcoming challenges.


History Changing Prayers

Learn about the most important prayers every prayed in American history beginning with George Washington.

Tuesday 10/9

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Lorenzo Alexander

This Washington Redskins linebacker shares how a teammate impacted his faith.


Pat's Minestrone

Pat Robertson shares the secret to his scrumptious fall soup.

Wednesday 10/10

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Alan Youngblood

A vision of heaven made a profound impact on Alan's view of God.


Marlene Koch

This author shares how to Eat More of What You Love.

Thursday 10/11

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Michiael & Janet Cross

A couple faces death in a gasoline tanker truck accident that becomes an inferno.


Too Ashamed for School

Ten-year-old Sulita desperately wanted to attend school, but was too ashamed of her appearance to leave her home.

Friday 10/12

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Jay & Deborah Ross

A power couple experiences God and lives are changed forever.


Josh McDowell

The best-selling author shares an update on his life-changing ministry.




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