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THE 700 CLUB: Special Week of Programming (Aug 22-26)

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Prophecy of Ezekiel Pat Robertson Teaches from Ezekiel 38 Ezekiel's Prophecies Set to Unfold?

Free Booklet:
The Prophecy of Ezekiel 38

Bring It On: End Times

Tuesday Technology A Super
Surveillance Society
The Flynn Effect: Increasing Human Intelligence and How it Relates to the End Times Pat Robertson Teaches an Historical Overview of End Times Prophecy
Wednesday Natural Disasters Climatic Messages
from God?
An Earthquake Survivor's Story Pat Robertson Teaches
on Matthew 24
Thursday Israel Under Attack

What a Palestinian
State Means for Israel

The Jewish Jesus:
Son of David

Tara Mitchell: Surviving the Storm
Pat Robertson Teaches
on the Prophetic Significance of Israel
Friday Pergamum: The
Seat of Satan
Ancient Pergamum Pergamum and
Nazi Germany
Gordon Robertson Teaches
on Signs of the Anti-Christ

Pergamum: The Seat of Satan

In a three-part video series, Gordon Robertson takes an in-depth look at the ancient Greco-Roman city Pergamum called "the dwelling place of Satan" from the book of Revelation.

VIDEO: Part One, Gordon examines
life in first-century Pergamum.
VIDEO: Part Two, Pergamum's Altar inspires the architecture of Adolf Hitler.
VIDEO: Part Three, Gordon teaches on signs of the Anti-Christ.

Bonus Features

  • Photo galleries highlighting present day Pergamum, Berlin, and Nuremberg.
  • A behind-the-scenes look at the making of these videos.
  • Exclusive video interviews with church history experts.
  • Discussion boards, other church history videos, and more.
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