The Easter Promise

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Set in the historically rich city of
Jerusalem, the story follows a wide-eyed dreamer, Jerem, his spirited sister Elizabeth and cousin Samuel on their quest to save a king.

Jerem has always dreamed of being a great soldier for a king despite the fact that no one seemed to take him seriously. That is until Jerem met two mysterious pharisees who promise to make his dream come true for a price. A price Jerem soon realizes he is not willing to pay.

While Jerem is following his dream the evil merchant Haman and his wisecracking associates Dorcus and Gyrus are following him. Haman has other plans for Jerem, Elizabeth and Samuel. The kids are soon faced with tough decisions and tougher challenges as they try to serve their new "King".

With a delightful mix of breath-taking animation, believable characters,superb original music and playful humor, "THE EASTER PROMISE", will leave viewers asking for more.

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Running time
approximately 47:00