Micah's Christmas Treasure

It's a wondrous adventure! Alive with original music! Brilliantly animated characters come alive in this imaginative tale of a young shepherd boy's wonderful discovery, played out against the backdrop of a tumultuous Roman Empire, during the time of the birth of the Messiah. Micah's Christmas Treasure will absorb your audience and have them asking for more!

Micah, a poor shepherd boy and his sister Rachel set out to find the treasure of a lifetime, after Roman tax collectors all but destroy Micah's home and property when his family is unable to pay. Angered by the callousness of Rome, and frustrated by his own, near penniless condition, Micah vows, "If I have to fight or steal to be rich...I'll do it!"

Micah and Rachel experience a number of peculiar characters and unusual events on their journey, as they follow a brilliant star which beckons them to Bethlehem, where, they are convinced treasure awaits. Meanwhile in Jerusalem, His Highness Herod the Great is outraged and threatened by news from his chief astrologer that the bright star is a sign that a "Messiah" will be born.

As the drama of the story builds, Micah is faced with the most important decision of his life. Will he trade information as to the whereabouts of the "Messiah" baby, in exchange for the riches and gold he has longed for? Or, will he find a greater treasure?

Running time
approximately 1 hour