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There is a longing in every human heart to feel that mankind is not alone in a vast impersonal universe where distances are measured in billions of light years.

We worship. We bring gifts and offerings. We build temples, mosques, and churches. We bow down and cry out in hundreds of complex or simple rituals, all with one purpose…to demonstrate our belief in a being more powerful than we are, who is able to hear our supplication and then reach across the fathomless distances that surround us in order to guide us, comfort us, and take from us the dangers, diseases, and torments that are a part of our human existence…

The purpose of this book is to show to you, the reader, beyond any doubt, not only the realm of the miraculous, but the real life stories of people who have experienced miracles in our modern day. Then I want to show you in simple terms what Jesus Christ, the Son of God, told his disciples how they could experience miracles in their lives and ministries. For you, these will become the keys to open for you an entrance into the miraculous.

Allow me now to introduce you to soul-stirring accounts of miracles in the lives of everyday people, and the biblical basis upon which these miracles rest…

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