Frequently Asked Questions

What is the page for?

The purpose of this page is to assign Superbook On Demand streaming rights by syncing an activation code with an email address, then sending streaming instructions to that email address.

Who should fill out the form?

The person sending the instructions must be a member of the Superbook DVD Club, but the person receiving the instructions does not have to be a member.

What does the person receiving the emailed instructions need to do?

Instructions for using streaming rights are sent to the email address synced to the activation code. The email has an "Activate My Streaming" link that the recipient clicks on to go to a web page where they provide myCBN online login information. This same login information can then be used on the devices that will be used to view episodes over the Internet e.g. iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and phones, and computers.

What if I am not a Superbook DVD Club Member, but I still want to join?

Go to the following link at and Join Now!

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