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My Fight to Be Fit: Linda Michaels

Linda is a producer and lives in Virginia Beach. Come back each Monday and Wednesday to follow her progress.


June 21, 2006

All or Nothing

I have a friend who loves to say, “Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.” Over the years, I have found much truth in that somewhat twisted statement.

I was reminded of it last week when our church held our annual Vacation Bible School.

This year we took the event to local neighborhoods, including my own back yard. It was a crazy week and since it was our first attempt at this kind of outreach, we were far from experts – especially me. We made lots of mistakes, but I can honestly say that not a one of them seemed to matter.

The children loved being there. They were having fun and hearing about Jesus. So it didn’t make a bit of difference when the actors in the drama got their lines wrong, the crafts didn’t turn out as we had hoped or we forgot to do some activity that was on the program.

At the end of the week the kids were complaining that the event was over and asking when they could do it again. It didn’t matter that we didn’t do it perfectly, it just mattered that we did it.

I wish I had that same attitude about my weight loss program. When it comes to this area of my life, my philosophy has always been “all or nothing.” As soon as I make a mistake, I throw the baby out with the bath water and give up -- at least for that day.

Because it was impossible to do the Backyard Vacation Bible School and stay on track with my eating and exercise, this time I ended up giving up for an entire week!

I wish I could have modified my program instead of just throwing up my hands in defeat. Maybe I could have set new goals, like….I can’t work out every day, but I will try to get to the YMCA at least once. Or…eating like I normally do is difficult, so I’ll just try to make the best choices possible each day. Instead it became a week of “anything goes.”

Thankfully, the scales didn’t register a gain. Running after 10-15 youngsters seemed to have kept the week from being a disaster in that way. But I do wish I could learn that I can blow one meal without blowing the whole day.

For now, I’m just thanking the Lord for a new week and a new beginning for my weight loss program.

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