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july 18, 2007

GOD TV and IHOP-KC Unite to Take 24/7 Prayer to the Nations

For eight years the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOP- KC) has been leading believers in day and night worship and intercession. Now global Christian broadcaster, GOD TV is extending this ground-breaking prayer initiative to the world via television and the Internet.

Founded by Rory & Wendy Alec in Europe 12 years ago, the USA's newest faith-based network, GOD TV is available through DIRECTV on channel 365. GOD TV provides 16.3 million homes with a wealth of original Christian programming from coast to coast. Now many more American viewers will be able to participate in this life-changing corporate prayer and worship online, with fellow believers from different nations.

GOD TV is already televising live footage from the PRAYER ROOM in Kansas City to its viewers in more than 200 countries and now the 24-hour online PRAYER ROOM is fully operational, offering millions of Internet users the opportunity to subscribe for round-the-clock prayer and worship (a monthly contribution of $10 helps cover the costs).

"This amazing initiative is the fruit of the Kingdom joining of IHOP-KC and GOD TV, as the Lord has connected our hearts and united us in vision," says GOD TV co-founder, Wendy Alec, who is responsible for GOD TV's programming. "As we collectively rally to the Lord's end-time agenda in this hour, I believe He will manifest Himself where we live and our nations will be transformed. I really encourage believers to join us in this global prayer movement, linking hands and hearts across the nations, and crying out to the Bridegroom for revival and breakthrough in our nations."

THE PRAYER ROOM, which embraces IHOP-KC's 'Harp and Bowl' approach towards ministering to the Lord (Revelation 5:8) features a dynamic mix of prayer and worship, where different teams lead global intercession in shifts, coming before the Lord with both a harp (worship) and bowls of incense (prayer).

"You can't imagine how powerful it can be to mingle songs with spoken prayers and proclamations," says GOD TV chief executive, Rory Alec. "The Lord moved on my heart radically when I experienced THE PRAYER ROOM firsthand and I feel that same sense of consecration rekindled each time I log on to the 24-hour PRAYER ROOM website."

"I see GOD TV as a unique prophetic, apostolic platform which will bring the five-fold ministry into people's lives" says Mike Bickle, IHOP-KC's director and GOD TV's head of prayer. "But prayer is the first step. Prayer in the spirit realm begins to birth the plan of God in the natural realm. And so I encourage viewers to join this online community of people who are eager to sit at the feet of Jesus, like Mary of Bethany, who extravagantly worshipped Him by pouring her flask of costly perfume onto His body."

"Our desire is to assist viewers to grow in intimacy with Jesus, and as we train them to become effective in prayer, we believe this will have a dynamic impact on their families, workplaces, and churches, as well as in releasing revival in their cities and nations."

Viewers in the USA are encouraged to tune in to the PRAYER ROOM broadcasts on DIRECTV channel 365 late at night or online at 24-hours-a day.

GOD TV also broadcasts the GOD TV DAILY DEVOTIONAL prayer program each morning, which features teaching from Mike Bickle and footage from the PRAYER ROOM.

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