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Updated 10 hours ago

CBN News' George Thomas in 21-Day Ebola Quarantine

Should Ebola health workers be quarantined? CBN News International Reporter George Thomas, who recently reported on the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, gives an insider's look on his own quarantine experience.

Updated 11 hours ago

Gov. Sam Brownback’s Battle in the Heartland

One of the more interesting stories in this election season comes from Kansas. Sam Brownback, a Republican governor in a solid Republican state, is now in danger of losing his powerful position.

Updated 12 hours ago

Hope for Nigerian School Girl Rescue Dwindles

Hopes of rescuing the more than 200 kidnapped Christian school girls in Nigeria are dwindling. Six months after their abduction, negotiations for their release and a brokered ceasefire have now collapsed.

Updated 14 hours ago

'Rumors of Wars' an End Times Thriller for Churches

A new end-times action thriller, "Rumors of Wars" by Bearfruit Films, may be coming to a church near you, and you might see a reconizable face.  

Updated 15 hours ago

Ebola Freak Out: Businesses Preying on Americans' Fears

As the Ebola virus is responsible for killing thousands of people worldwide, fear of the disease is quickly becoming big business in the United States.

Updated 15 hours ago

Shocker! Does the Universe Revolve Around Earth?

A new documentary, "The Principle," is so controversial that scientists and even people featured in the movie are condemning it before they've had a chance to see it.

Updated 15 hours ago

NYPD Officers Recuperating after Hatchet Attack

Two New York City police officers are recovering in hospital after they were attacked by a man with a hatchet Thursday afternoon.

Updated 16 hours ago

AP Slammed for Biased Jerusalem Attack Headline

The Associated Press is facing some heat for its offensive headline following Thursday's terror attack in Jerusalem.

Updated 16 hours ago

Surveillance Video Shows Canada Parliament Attack

Disturbing new surveillance video shows the terrorist attack on Canada's Parliament as details emerge about the shooter's Islamic faith.

Updated 16 hours ago

Legal Setback: Judge Dismisses IRS Targeting Suits

A federal judge dismissed two lawsuits by Tea Party and other conservative groups against the IRS for delaying their applications for tax-exempt status.