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Updated 33 minutes ago

One Resolution for Border Crisis Could Happen Soon

The House of Representatives is set to vote Thursday on an immigration bill that addresses the U.S. and Mexico border issue.

Updated 42 minutes ago

Alabama Jews, Christians Rally in Support of Israel

Jewish and Christian leaders gathered for a Middle East peace rally in Alabama on Tuesday night to show their support for Israel.

Updated 58 minutes ago

CO County Told Stop Issuing Gay Marriage Licenses

Same-sex marriage is on hold in Colorado after the Colorado Supreme Court ruled Boulder County must stop issuing licenses.

Updated 1 hour ago

Appeals Court Blocks Mississippi Abortion Law

Federal judges have blocked a pro-life law that would have closed the doors to the only abortion clinic in Mississippi.

Updated 1 hour ago

New Round of US Sanctions Targets Russian Economy

President Obama announced new economic sanctions Russia's economy. It's the latest move by the U.S. to force President Putin to stop supporting Ukrainian rebels.

Updated 1 hour ago

Hamas Chief Declares 'We're Eager for Death'

CBN News traveled into Gaza where Hamas' military chief vowed to keep fighting Israel saying his fighters are "eager for death."

Updated 2 hours ago

Video Shows Hamas Using Tunnels to Ambush IDF

As Israel continues its military offensive, a disturbing new video from Hamas has emerged showing several terrorists using a tunnel to ambush Israeli soldiers.

Updated 3 hours ago

New Show Stars Cussing, Pot-Smoking Jesus

The new show "Black Jesus" has Christians outraged and calling for its cancellation before it debuts next week on the Cartoon Network.

Updated 20 hours ago

Coming Home: Europe Next War Front for Jihadists?

Video shows British jihadists in Syria trying to recruit Muslim young men to join them. Experts say someday these jihadists are coming home. Some already have.

Updated 20 hours ago

Congress Gives Digital Shout-Out 'In God We Trust'

Lawmakers are throwing their support behind a social media campaign to encourage the public and government leaders to display the  motto "In God We Trust."