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Updated 29 minutes ago

Michael Brown Autopsy May Support Officer's Story

Protests in Ferguson, Missouri, continued Wednesday night as autopsy results of Michael Brown, the unarmed black teen shot this summer by a white police officer, were leaked to the public.

Updated 1 hour ago

New Obamacare Signups Tied to Medicaid Expansion

Most new healthcare signups under Obamacare came through the expansion of Medicare and not private insurance, according to a new Heritage Foundation report.

Updated 1 hour ago

County's Miscast Votes Blamed on 'Calibration Error'

A curious story from Illinois is raising concerns of election fraud in the upcoming midterm elections.

Updated 1 hour ago

Business as Usual in London Despite Terror Threat

The threat posed by Islamic terrorism is as real in the United Kingdom as it is in other countries. Nevertheless, on the streets of London, business goes on as usual.

Updated 2 hours ago

New Jlem Police Unit to Handle Terrorism

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved a plan to address increasing terror-related incidents in Jerusalem.

Updated 2 hours ago

Canadian Parliament Shooter a New Convert to Islam

More information is emerging about the man who shot a Canadian soldier in Ottawa on Wednesday.

Updated 18 hours ago

Dem-Appointed Judge: No Right to Gay Marriage

A U.S. federal judge ruled Tuesday to uphold a Puerto Rico law defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman. 

Updated 19 hours ago

Make or Break: The Fight for the Texas Latino Vote

The political race is on, but it's not just for Capitol Hill. Parties need to win major voting groups for long-term success, and that makes the Latino vote a number one priority - especially in Texas.

Updated 19 hours ago

American Infant Killed in Jerusalem Terror Attack

A day after a Palestinian terrorist killed an American baby in Jerusalem when he plowed a car into a crowd, masked Palestinians threw rocks at a Jerusalem kindergarten.

Updated 23 hours ago

Canadian Parliament Shooting Leaves Soldier Dead

Police and witnesses say a gunman shot a Canadian soldier who was guarding the country's National War Memorial, then entered Parliament and fired shots.