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Updated 14 hours ago

WH Source: Obama's Known About ISIS Since 2012

President Barack Obama had "accurate intelligence information" about ISIS before his 2012 re-election, a White House insider told the UK Daily Mail.

Updated 14 hours ago

DC Museum Antidote for Bible-Illiterate Culture

The nation's capital is slated to become home to an eight-story, hi-tech Bible museum in the fall of 2017, courtesy of Hobby Lobby President Steve Green.

Updated 16 hours ago

'The Good Lie' Unearths Truth about Sudan's Lost Children

More than 20,000 children escaped Sudan's deadly second civil war by walking thousands of miles to freedom. Many who came to be known as the "Lost Boys of Sudan" made it to the United States. Ger Duany is one of them and a new film is helping tell his story.

Updated 19 hours ago

Second Beheading Scare Called 'Bizarre Coincidence'

The same day a woman was beheaded at a Moore, Oklahoma, food processing plant, a second beheading scare occurred in Oklahoma City in what some are calling a "bizarre coincidence."

Updated 19 hours ago

Tremors Raise Fears of 2nd Japan Volcano Eruption

The ongoing tremors from Japan's Mount Ontake have forced rescue teams to suspend efforts to recover the bodies of two dozen hikers killed in Saturday's eruption.

Updated 19 hours ago

Australian Man Arrested for Funding US Terrorist

Australian police arrested a 23-year-old man Tuesday for providing money to a U.S. citizen fighting with extremists in Syria.

Updated 19 hours ago

Vatican Urges 'Multilateral Action' against ISIS

A high-ranking Vatican official is calling on the United Nations to use force to protect religious minorities in Iraq and Syria from the onslaught of the Islamic State.

Updated 20 hours ago

China Says 'No' to Hong Kong Protesters' Demands

The Chinese government has responded to the massive pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, saying it won't reverse its decision to screen candidates.

Updated 20 hours ago

Texas Hospital Isolates Possible Ebola Case

Health officials in Dallas are holding a patient in strict isolation as they evaluate what could be a possible case of the Ebola virus.

Updated 20 hours ago

Ferguson Case Prompts 'Get Home Safe' Summit

As the fallout continues from last month's police shooting death of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teen, one congregation is taking action to help protect its members.