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History Repeating? Purim in the Shadow of Iran

Israelis take to the streets every year to celebrate Purim. The holiday marks the victory of the Jewish people 2,500 years ago over the wicked Haman. Fast forward and many see a parallel today.

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'Second Best Marigold' a 2nd Best Pick for Families

It's not for young children, but for teens and adults the film "The Second Best Marigold Hotel" is a bright and charming tale about living life to its fullest.

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ISIS Continues Desecration of Biblical Sites

Islamic State terrorists are continuing their path of destruction in Iraq. This time ISIS bulldozed the site of the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud using heavy military vehicles, according to government officials.

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New Bill Grants Persecuted Home-Schoolers Asylum

A new bill has been introduced in Congress to allow asylum in the United States for homeschooling families who are persecuted in their home countries.

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High Court to Hear Gay Marriage Cases in April

The U.S. Supreme Court says it will hear oral arguments for four same-sex marriage cases on April 28.

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Storm Strands Drivers, Leaves Thousands Powerless

Winter is still gripping much of the country Friday, from New England to Texas. The late winter system left hundreds of drivers stranded on highways and thousands of customers without power.

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Five Wounded in Jerusalem Vehicular Attack

An Israeli Arab terrorist plowed his vehicle into four female border policewoman in Jerusalem Friday.

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What Speech Means for Netanyahu's Political Future

Speaking before the U.S. Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu made a strong case against Iran. Now the question is will it make a difference in Israel's upcoming national election.

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Syrian Christian Worries for Friends Held by ISIS

Hadeel Kouki, a 24-year-old Syrian Christian who now lives the U.S., speaks out on behalf of persecuted Christians. She told CBN News that she has friends and neighbors among the hundreds of Christians kidnapped by ISIS.

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Faith on the 'The Big Stick' Sustains Navy Shipmen

Navy men on the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt understand sacrifice first hand as they embark on a year-long deployment. Some say their faith in God brings them courage during their assignment.