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Updated 11 hours ago

Second US Doctor Sick with Ebola; Crisis 'Out of Control'

The battle against the Ebola epidemic that's stricken four West African countries is "spiraling out of control," the director for the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention warned Tuesday.

Updated 11 hours ago

Sales Tax Plan the Death of Online Business?

Many small companies that do business online are worried a plan working its way through Congress could force them to shut down. Supporters of the plan say it "levels the playing field."

Updated 12 hours ago

ISIS Beheads Second American Journalist

A new video by the radical Islamic terrorist group ISIS reportedly shows the beheading of U.S. journalist Steven Sotloff.

Updated 15 hours ago

Creed Frontman: 'No Place to Go But Death or God'

Scott Stapp, lead singer for the rock band Creed, was known for his deep voice. The fast track to fame took him down a dark road, but somewhere along the way God got a hold of his heart.

Updated 15 hours ago

Miraculous! Woman Who Drank Toxic Tea Recovers

Jan Harding, 67, said she knew something was wrong the moment she took a single sip of tea at Dickey's Barbeque near Salt Lake City.

Updated 15 hours ago

Yes, You Can: Train Your Brain to Crave Health Food

It's possible to train your brain so that it not only likes, but craves healthy food, according to a new study published in the journal Nutrition and Diabetes.

Updated 16 hours ago

US Strikes Somalia Terrorist Group Al Shabaab

The U.S. military attacked the Islamic extremist group Al Shabab in Somalia on Monday.

Updated 16 hours ago

CBO Projects Nat'l Debt to Continue to Skyrocket

A new government report says the federal debt will keep growing rapidly in the years ahead.

Updated 16 hours ago

What Happens to the Church If Russia Takes Ukraine?

President Obama is heading to Europe, stopping in Estonia to show support for NATO allies in the Baltic region who are concerned over Russia's aggressive moves against Ukraine.

Updated 16 hours ago

US Asks N. Korea to Release Three Americans

The Obama administration says securing the release of three Americans being held in North Korea is a top priority.