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Updated 2 hours ago

Pre-Recession Jobless Rates a Sign of Stability?

Economic experts say despite recent weekly unemployment numbers showing pre-recession jobless rates, it doesn't mean the economy is well enough to stand on its own.

Updated 3 hours ago

Postal Service Could Gather Your Mail Data to Sell

The U.S. Postal Service is looking to get into the business of gathering and selling personal information the way Internet companies Facebook and Google do.

Updated 3 hours ago

Bennett: Judea, Samaria Key to Israel's Security

The world wants Israel to give Judea and Samaria to the Palestinians in a peace deal. But Israel's economic minister says it's crucial that never happens.

Updated 4 hours ago

Father, Son Use Athletic Apparel to Share Gospel

A Virginia father and son have been inspired to start a Christian athletic apparel brand called God's Armor, Inc. Its mission is to encourage believers to live boldly for Jesus everyday.

Updated 8 hours ago

Chile Fires Under Control, Clean-Up Efforts Begin

The wildfires that devastated poor neighborhoods in Valparaiso, Chile, are under control Thursday.

Updated 8 hours ago

Film Spotlighting 'Honor Abuse' Called Islamophobic

A new film intended to raise awareness about honor killings and abuse of Muslim and other women is being labeled "Islamaphobic" by a U.S. Muslim group.

Updated 9 hours ago

British PM Calls for Defending the Christian Faith

British Prime Minister David Cameron is encouraging his country to stand up for Christianity.

Updated 9 hours ago

UK City Probes Muslim Plot to Take over Schools

The city of Birmingham, England, is investigating an alleged Muslim plot to expand Islamic influence in the public schools.

Updated 9 hours ago

Holder: Heroin Killing More People Than Violent Crime

Heroin addiction is killing more people than violent crimes and car accidents in some U.S. communities, according to top federal and law enforcement officials.

Updated 10 hours ago

President Obama: No Immigration Fix for Now

There's no immigration fix planned, President Barack Obama told religious leaders at a meeting in the Oval Office earlier this week.