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Updated 12 hours ago

Bosnia Bans Hijabs, All Religious Symbols as Muslims Protest

Thousands of Muslims rallied in protest of a new law in Bosnia that forbids Muslim women from wearing the headscarf known as a hijab.

Updated 12 hours ago

Pakistani Christian Father Tortured for Refusing to Deny Christ

A Pakistani father of five refused to renouce Christ despite being tortured by Muslim co-workers who tried to convert him to Islam.

Updated 12 hours ago

Nearly $2 Billion Requested to Keep Zika Virus from Spreading

Health officials are hoping to agressively combat the mosquito-borne disease before the insect population becomes larger and more active in the spring and summer.

Updated 15 hours ago

UN Security Council Condemns North Korea Satellite Launch

In an emergency meeting, the U.N. Security Council discussed repercussions for the violation of U.N. resolutions after North Korea announced it launched a satellite into orbit using a long-range rocket.

Updated 17 hours ago

The Disappearing Governors

The Iowa caucuses may have only muddied the waters in the presidential race, but they did almost definitively decide one thing: the next president will not be a governor.

Updated 18 hours ago

Michigan Man in Custody for Plot against Church

A 21-year-old accused of plotting an ISIS-inspired attack against a church in Detroit is behind bars Monday.

Updated 20 hours ago

Search Continues for Survivors of Taiwan Quake

At least four people, including an 8-year-old girl, were rescued from a toppled high rise apartment building in Taiwan Monday. Search and rescue crews believe there are more than 100 people still buried under the debris.

Updated 20 hours ago

Political Air Thickens Ahead of New Hampshire Primary

The curtain is about to go up on the New Hampshire primary as voters get ready to head to the polls Tuesday.

Updated 20 hours ago

Broncos Defense Pounds Panthers in Super Bowl Win

The Denver Broncos are Super Bowl champs today, thanks to a bruising defense that shut down the Carolina Panthers Sunday night.

Updated 21 hours ago

Israeli Arab Knesset Members Meet with Terrorists’ Families

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused three Arab Knesset members of “building walls of hatred” rather than helping Arabs integrate more fully into Israeli society.