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Updated 5 hours ago

Obama: Battle against ISIS Could Take Decades

President Barack Obama is proposing a new strategy in the fight against ISIS, saying the battle against the Islamic State will not be quick. In fact, he says it could take decades.

Updated 18 hours ago

Unbowed, Iraqi Christians Train to Take on ISIS

Iraqi Christians are training to join in the fight against ISIS.

Updated 20 hours ago

South Sudan: 'A Cesspool of Human Suffering'

Civil war and devastation threaten the new country of South Sudan, turning the promise of a bright future into a horrible nightmare to try to survive.

Updated 21 hours ago

Grandmother Sounds Off on Gender Identity Curriculum

School board members in Fairfax County, Virginia, have outraged some parents in their district after they voted to include lessons on gender identity and homosexuality in its curriculum.

Updated 22 hours ago

Cal State Reinstates InterVarsity Ministry

Nearly a year after moving off all California State University campuses after being asked to open leadership positions to all students, regardless of beliefs, school officials are inviting the Christian group back.

Updated 22 hours ago

Ultrasound Bus a Game Changer in the Fight for Life

Planned Parenthood now performs almost a third of all abortions in the U.S. As mega-centers and a new business model drive this growth, pro-lifers are fighting back on wheels.