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Updated 11 hours ago

Arkansas, Mississippi Gay Marriage Bans Overturned

Federal judges have overturned Arkansas and Mississippi state bans on gay marriage, but both orders are on hold so the states can consider appeals.

Updated 12 hours ago

Much-Needed Winter Rains Douse Israel

Heavy winter rains following an interim day of sunshine swept across the country, raising the water level at the Sea of Galilee nearly 1.5 inches.

Updated 12 hours ago

Ransoms Provide Millions for Islamic State

The Islamic State group is collecting millions in ransom money, according to a U.N. employee who monitors sanctions against al Qaeda.

Updated 12 hours ago

Nasty Weather Puts Kink in Thanksgiving Travel

Thanksgiving travelers could be in for a tough trip this year. Snow, slush and rain are already falling across the country Wednesday just as more than 46 million people hit the road.

Updated 12 hours ago

Dark Chocolate a Sweet Remedy for Failing Memory?

The antioxidants found in dark chocolate appear to reverse the subtle memory loss that comes with normal aging.

Updated 13 hours ago

PA: Home Bill Aims to Complete 'Theft of Palestine'

The Palestinian Authority accuses Israel of attempting to impose "Jewishness" on its "historic land."