June 2015 Headlines

Good Roads Shouldn't Cost More Money

It's summertime and that means millions of Americans cramming in the minivan and criss-crossing around the country on family vacation. But how safe are the roads, and will they be backed up for miles of gridlock?

Greece Not Likely to Meet Debt Deadline

At least part of Greece's international bailout expires Tuesday, making this crunch time for the cash-strapped country.

Threat of Greek Default Sends Markets into Tailspin

Stock markets worldwide took a major hit Monday after Greece moved one step closer to financial chaos, raising concern it could default on its international debt.

Economist Puts Obamacare 'Fantasy' to the Test

As the Supreme Court prepares to rule on the legality of Obamacare subsidies, economist Stephen Moore says the notion that law is working is a "fantasy" -- and he can prove it.

Rand Paul Gets Flat and Fair

Rand Paul overnight changed the dynamics of the Republican presidential race Thursday when he released his Fair and Flat Tax plan. As he said when he unveiled the plan: this is the boldest rewrite of the income tax system in 100 years.

The Young and Investless

Recent polling shows a big majority of Americans think it will be more difficult for this generation of Millennials to achieve the American dream of climbing the economic ladder.

Greenspan: US 'Way Underestimating' National Debt

Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan is warning that the United States is "way underestimating" its national debt, which is currently $18 trillion.

Come on, Let's Spend Again

There's an old saying about politicians that they come to Washington promising to clean up the swamp but then discover it's really a hot tub - and jump right in. So here we go again...