February 2016 Headlines

Obama's Budget to Nowhere

Barack Obama's latest and last budget is nothing if not is a grandiose visionary document. No one - least of all Congress - paid much attention to it, because no one cares where this lamest of duck presidents wants the country to go fiscally. After $8 trillion of new debt added, he's done enough trouble to our nation's finances already.


What's the Cure for the Anemic Economy?

What's the solution to slow economic growth and more jobs? Is it more government spending? Economist Stephen Moore explains what will make a difference. He also takes a look at how each candidate's tax plan could impact you.

This Growing Crisis in America Is What No One Wants to Address

The national debt is nearly $19 trillion and growing by the second. Within the next decade, by the year 2026, the debt is expected to explode to $30 trillion.

U.S. Loses Top 10 Spot in Economic Freedom

The United States has fallen out of the top 10 countries of the world in terms of economic freedom, according to the latest Index of Economic Freedom.

Who Has the Fairest Tax Plan of Them All?

With the first real votes being cast ‎in the presidential race, this is an opportune moment to do some last-minute comparison shopping on the candidate tax reform plans.