March 2015 Headlines

The Myth of 'Settled Science'

National Geographic's latest cover story has ‎generated lots of attention because it sneers at those close-minded Americans - mostly conservatives, of course - who do not accept scientific facts.

Oil Prices Plummet, Lowest in Six Years

Oil prices have started falling again. U.S. oil hit the $43 a barrel range, the lowest in six years.

No More Fear: How to Audit-Proof Your Tax Return

Many Americans live in fear of an audit by the Internal Revenue Service, even though they've done everything right. Tax expert Dan Pilla offers proven strategies for your tax returns so you don't have to live in fear.

iWatch, Apple Pay Prequel to 'Mark of the Beast?'

The reality of mobile lifestyles have increased demands on mobile computers and all eyes are now on the upcoming release of the iWatch.

Great Scott!

Conservatives often grouse that Republicans head for the tall grass when the Left starts firing the muskets. So it is rare and heroic that we have a governor in America ‎who refuses to wilt under pressure.

Historic Rebound More Solid than Tech Bubble Era

After 15 years the NASDAQ stock index is back above 5,000. It's the first time since the tech bubble burst in March of 2000.

Do the Rich Pay their Fair Share?

The idea that the rich aren't paying any taxes is based on misinformation fed to voters. They have been told over and over that the wealthiest among us are paying very little income tax compared to the rest of us.