January 2011 Headlines

Consumer Spending Rises in December

Statistics show Americans are beginning to spend again as consumer spending rose in December, giving a boost to the nation's weak economy.

U.S. Manufacturing Remains No. 1 in World

Despite powerhouse countries like China, the U.S. is still the No. 1 manufacturing country in the world.

Chrysler Cuts Net Loss, Continues Comeback

An optimistic Chrysler narrowed its net loss significantly in the fourth quarter from a year ago and forecast a net profit for 2011 as it continued a comeback from bankruptcy protection.

Egypt Unrest Rattles Tourists

Foreign tourists and Egyptians flocked to Cairo's main airport on Saturday, scrambling to find flights out of the country as days of often violent protests showed few signs of abating.

Economy Strengthening even as Debt Crisis Looms

Despite encouraging signs of economic growth, concerns are growing over the threat of a national debt crisis.

Housing Dept.Wastes Millions in Tax Dollars

Millions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Experts: Social Security Will Be Drained by 2037

As the U.S. economy struggles to regain its footing, projections are getting worse for America's Social Security crisis.

Obama's New Proposals to Cost Another $20B

The new proposals in Obama's State of the Union speech will actually increase the federal budget, according to the National Taxpayers Union Foundation.

Drugstore Chains Add Groceries, Other Items

Drugstore chains like CVS and Walgreens have jumped into the grocery market by selling everything from fresh produce to sushi.

Toyota Recalls Lexus Models Over Fuel Leak

Toyota recalled nearly 1.7 million cars worldwide Wednesday for fuel leaks, the latest in a ballooning number of quality problems that could add another dent to its tarnished reputation in the crucial U.S. market.

Home Prices Fall in Major U.S. Cities

Home prices are falling across most of America's largest cities, and average prices in eight major markets have hit their lowest point since the housing bust.

Poll: Hiring Plans Top Layoffs by Most in 12 years

Financial experts say America's economic recovery is gaining traction.

BofA Reports Loss of $1.6 Billion in 4Q

Bank of America on Friday reported a loss of $1.6 billion in the fourth quarter after its costs related to soured home loans increased.

Fewer Filed for Jobless Aid Last Week

Fewer people applied for unemployment benefits last week, adding to evidence that hiring will pick up this year.

Rising Gas Prices Bring Spending Trade-offs

Analysts say the higher gas prices have caused Americans to cut back in other areas in their lives, including eating and entertainment venues.

2010 2nd Worst Year for Home Construction

Builders began work last year on the second fewest number of homes in more than half a century, as the weak economy kept people from buying houses.

Year Ahead may be Tough on State Budgets

If 2011 is hinting at a national recovery, there is little sign of it in statehouses across the country.

$14 Trillion-plus Debt Weighs on Congress

The United States just passed a dubious milestone: Government debt surged to an all-time high, topping $14 trillion.

Consumer Price Index Jumps on Costlier Gas

Consumer prices rose last month as the cost of gas increased by the largest amount since June 2009.

Lenders Repossess 1 Million Homes in 2010

Banks repossessed an estimated 1 million homes in 2010, the worst year since the mortgage crisis began in four years ago.

November Housing Prices Fall 5 Percent

Housing prices across the U.S. have continued to decline and are expected to go lower, according to a housing report released Tuesday.

Obama Works to Keep Economic Optimism Alive

President Barack Obama is trying to keep optimism about the economy alive, and has assembled a new economic team to help.

More People Applied for Unemployment Aid Last Week

More people applied for unemployment benefits last week, but not enough to reverse a downward trend that suggests employers will accelerate hiring in the coming months.

Economist: Oil Prices Could Damper Recovery

Faith Birol, the agency's chief economist told the Financial Times that sooner or later, oil will simply cost too much and hurt the world's biggest economies.

National Debt Surpasses $14 Trillion

The national debt hit another milestone, crossing $14 trillion on the last day of 2010.

IRS: Itemized Forms on Hold Till February

If you itemize your federal income taxes, you will have to wait a little while before you can file.

Oil Rises Above $92, Higher Gas Prices Predicted

The price of oil rose above $92 on Monday and some analysts are predicting it will keep climbing. Such a spike could drive gas prices up to $4 a gallon or even higher.