September 2011 Headlines

Jobless Aid Number Drops, But Job Market Weak

Technical factors related to the seasonal adjustment of the data was in part responsible for the improved stats, a Labor Department spokesman said.

German Parliament Okays Euro Bailout Expansion

The German parliament overwhelmingly approved expanding the bailout fund for European countries that are deeply in debt.

Banks Charging More Fees Due to Gov't Regs

Free checking accounts appear to have fallen victim to the current economic times.

World Markets Rally as Rescue Plan Gains Traction

Two days of stocks market gains brought smiles to investors pleased to see growing support for a comprehensive plan designed head off a global crisis.

Regulatory Red Tape Dragging Out the Recession?

A growing number of small and medium-sized banks are saying they're taking the brunt of the banking reforms that are making it tougher to do business.

The Lean Startup: Advice for Entrepreneur Success

Many businesses continue to struggle in today's economy, but business executive Eric Ries has a bold message for American entrepreneurs: "Go lean."

Greece: We'll Get Bailout in Time to Avoid Default

Without the $10.8 billion bailout package, the debt-ridden nation has enough funds to see it through mid-October.

American Wealth Drops for First Time in One Year

The Federal Reserve reported the average American's household net worth, including home equity, stocks and other savings, dropped 0.3 percent to $58.5 trillion in the April-June quarter.

US Stock Market Spotlights Global Economic Fears

All eyes were on the U.S. stock market Friday after two days of steep drops this week.

Less Unemployment Apps but Still Fewer Jobs

However, that drop isn't being seen by economists as a sign the job market is improving.

Fed's New Stimulus Plan Sends Stocks Plunging

All eyes were on Wall Street Thursday after the Federal Reserve's announcement of its latest plan to boost the U.S. economy sent stocks plunging on Wednesday.

Lost Generation? Economy Affecting Young Careers

The weak economy is having an impact on America's young adults -- a generation of mostly 20- and 30-somethings coming of age in a prolonged slump, with high unemployment.

Home Sales up 7.7 Percent Due to Foreclosures

Sales of previously occupied homes rose 7.7 percent in August, the National Association of Realtors reported Wednesday.

Audit Finds Extravagant Spending by Justice Dept.

Would you pay more than $16 for a muffin? The Justice Department did, according to a report from the department's inspector general

IMF: World Economy Entering 'Dangerous Phase'

The International Monetary Fund is warning that the global economy is in worse shape than anyone expected.

Eco-Savings: Go Green without Breaking the Bank

The move toward a greener lifestyle can be an expensive transition. But one Montana couple has proved you can live very green and actually save money.

Italy: S&P Downgrade of Rating is 'Political'

Standard and Poor's lowered Italy's rating from A+ to A with a negative outlook for the future, citing Italy's weak economy and an unstable government for the move.

Walmart Women's Initiative Arouses Skepticism

Walmart has announced a plan to help women business owners, but some are are questioning the company's motives.

Jobless Claims Hit Highest Level Since June

The Labor Department announced Thursday that the number of people seeking jobless aid rose last week to 428,000, the highest in three months. 

What Europe's Crisis Means for America

World leaders are worried Europe might not be able to stop the debt crisis from spreading to other parts of the world, including the United States.

Mortgage Default Notices Climb in August

The number of homeowners who received an initial default notice -- the first step in the foreclosure process -- climbed 33 percent from July to August.

US Poverty Rate Hits 27-Year High

The Census Bureau reports 15.1 percent of people fell below the poverty line in 2010 -- more than 46 million people or one in every six people.

Obama's Jobs Plan Adds to Debt Panel's Work

President Obama's jobs plan is complicating the work of the congressional supercommittee put in charge of cutting America's spending.

Europe Leaders Seek to Alay Fears of Greek Default

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is warning that a Greek default could spread throughout Europe.

Jobless Aid Claims Rise Ahead of Obama Speech

Applications for unemployment benefits rose slightly last week, with an additional 2,000 people seeking aid.

Dems Want Debt-Cutting Panel to Address Jobs

Some Democrats say they want the group to include job creation as part of its work.

White House Pitches Postal Service Rescue Plan

With the Postal Service on the brink of default, the White House is set to propose a plan that would give the agency a three-month extension on its financial obligations.

Restaurants Lobby for Food Stamps Business

Some fast food restaurant owners want to target customers who receive food stamps. They're lobbying Congress to allow them to accept the stamps as payment.

Heritage Foundation: Gov't Regs Draining Taxpayers

The Heritage Foundation has compiled a list of some of those regulations, including some that directly affect home owners.

Debt Crisis Leading to 'United States of Europe?'

With the global debt crisis creating havoc, former German leader Gerhard Schroeder said Europe cannot have a common currency without a single government.

Staggering Cost of Regulations Strangling Economy

You hardly ever hear about them but they're one of the most powerful groups in Washington, D.C.  And they're costing the economy nearly $2 trillion a year.

Swiss Nat'l Bank Caps Value of Swiss Franc

The Swiss National Bank has intervened in Europe's debt crisis, announcing it will set a minimum exchange rate for the Swiss franc against the euro. 

Everything's Bigger in Texas, Including Economy

People and businesses are flocking to the Lone Star State as a result of the Texas economy, which continues to create jobs and opportunities.

Post Office Could Default Unless Congress Acts

The United States Postal Service could be forced to shut down this winter unless Congress takes emergency action to stabilize its finances.

Global Stocks Drop on Europe Debt Fears

International stocks fell sharply Monday on worries that Europe's debt crisis will worsen and possibly spread globally.

Dim Outlook: Job Growth Remains at Standstill

The economy failed to add any new jobs for the month of August -- the first time since 1945 that the U.S. government has reported a net job change of zero.