October 2011 Headlines

'Titans' Clash over Solution to US Economic Crisis

The economy will likely be the top issue for voters in the 2012 election.  It was also the subject of Regent University's ninth annual "Clash of the Titans."

Little Money? Live Rich on Simple Financial Wisdom

The down economy has Americans angry and politicians at each others throats. But who's to blame? Author Danny Kofke suggests the solution starts at home.

Medicare Premiums Rise Less than Predicted

Most seniors will pay an additional $3.50 a month, instead of the $10.20 increase predicted in May.

Unemployment Claims Dip - Slightly

Experts say the decline is still not enough to suggest hiring is picking up.

Global Markets Rally on News of EU Debt Deal

In a marathon summit, European leaders clinched a deal they hope will turn the tide in a two-year-long debt crisis.

Europe's Cultural Divides Deepening Debt Crisis

Leaders are racing to find a solution for Europe's massive debt crisis.  But former Fed chief Alan Greenspan says cultural divides make it an uphill battle.

Fed Up Bank Customers 'Fire' Their Banks

Fed up with what they view as banking institutions' attempt to gouge them, customers are taking their business elsewhere in an event called "Move Your Bank Day."

Vatican: Radical Financial Reform Needed in Europe

The Vatican is weighing in on Europe's massive debt crisis, even as European leaders continue to search for a solution.

Merrill Lynch: US Could Face 2nd Debt Downgrade

Failure by Congress to agree on a deficit reduction plan could signal a downgrade by either Moody's Investors Service or Fitch Ratings, Bank of America Merrill Lynch economists warned.

Poll Shows Economists Pessimistic on Jobs Outlook

Fewer U.S. companies are expected to hire new workers as worries over the economy grow, according to the National Association for Business Economists.

Higher Ticket Prices in Store for Holiday Travel

Major airlines are set to launch widespread price increases.  Ticket costs will jump just in time for the holidays, meaning big bucks for the airlines.

Greece May Go Bankrupt, Even with New Loans

Greece will be getting another round of international bailout loans, but the second rescue package may not be enough to save it from bankruptcy.

Moody's Downgrades Spain's Debt Rating

The move by the agency came just four days after Standard & Poor's cut its rating on the nation's long-term debt.

Strike Shuts Down Greece ahead of Austerity Vote

The event grounded flights and disrupted public transportation as workers from all sectors walked off the job.

Social Security Benefits to Increase in January

After two years without a raise, an estimated 55 million Social Security recipients will receive the first cost-of-living increase in benefits next year.

Energy Costs Pushes Up Prices in Sept.

Wholesale prices for gas and food shot up in September, making it the most expensive month for companies since May.

Federal Spending Up 5 Percent in 2011

Government spending is up nearly 5 percent so far this budget year despite promises of budget cuts from politicians in Washington.

Gloves Off: Critics Take on Cain's 999 Plan

GOP Candidate Herman Cain and his revolutionary 999 proposal have begun taking fire from both left and right for days now.

Protests Plague Greece Ahead of Austerity Vote

In Athens, 16 consecutive days of strikes over the nation's austerity measures have halted ferries and left rotting trash to pile up.

FACT CHECK: Wealthy Do Pay Fair Share

Tax experts say the federal tax system is already sharply skewed toward the wealthy paying more and they have the statistics to prove it.

Peanut Shortage Raises Peanut Butter Prices

Another hot, dry summer in key peanut producing states has significantly shrunk the nation's peanut crop this year.

Herman Cain's 999 Plan Draws Praise, Skepticism

Presidential candidate Herman Cain's 999 Plan is part of what's propelled him to the front of the GOP field. But it is drawing criticism from economists.

Energy Dept: Heating Costs to Rise This Winter

Households across the U.S. can expect to pay higher heating costs this winter, according to the Energy Department.

Unemployment Aid Claims Fall by 1,000

The number of unemployment aid applications fell slightly last week, suggesting only a modest improvement in the job market.

Boehner: New Tariffs Could Start China Trade War

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, warns that new legislation imposing higher tariffs on Chinese products could start a trade war.

RealtyTrac: US Foreclosures Up 14 Percent

The increase signals banks are more aggressively moving against homeowners who have fallen behind in their mortgage payments.

Occupy Wall Street Attracting 'Political Fringe'

"Occupy Wall Street" protesters insist they represent the 99 percent of Americans who aren't wealthy. But fringe elements within the group abound.

Occupy Wall Street Protests Gain Ground

The movement started in New York City last month and has now spread to at least 25 cities.

Gov't Budget Deficit Hits $1.3 Trillion, Again

Washington's debt just keeps on piling up, according to a government agency that predicted the federal budget will hit near record spending levels for the second time in two years.

World Stocks Up on French-German Euro Debt Pledge

Global stocks rose Monday on news that Germany and France are crafting a new package to help solve the eurozone debt crisis.

Critics Question 'Occupy Wall Street' Movement

Protesters calling themselves the "Occupy Wall Street" movement have demonstrated against what they say is corporate greed in America.

Six Million More Jobs Needed for Healthy Economy

Economists say even with the addition of 103,000 jobs last month, the U.S. needs six million more new jobs to get the nation back to a pre-recession economy.

Rate on 30-Year Mortgage Falls to Historic Low

For the first time in history, mortgage rates have fallen below 4 percent, even as the housing market continues to struggle with bad sales and falling home prices.

Unemployment Numbers Rise Slightly

The number of people applying for unemployment benefits rose slightly last week -- a sign that the job market remains weak.

Moody's Downgrades Italy's Bond Rating

Moody's Investors Service has cut its credit rating on Italy's government bonds from "A2" to "Aa2."

Senate Ramping up for Trade War with China?

Some politicians claim the country has an unfair advantage against the United States in international trade.

Expert: US Gov't 'Terrorizing' Business Owners

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke warned that the economic recovery "is close to faltering" and the central bank is prepared to take further steps to support it.

Global Sell-Off Continues on Economic Fears

Global stocks around the world tumbled again on fears of the debt crisis in Greece and a possible global recession.

'Flash Buys' Boost Local Business Interest

California resident Mike Abarca is capitalizing on the "flash mob" trend to give back to his community.

Bank of America Website Back Up After Outages

Bank of America says its website is back to normal after technical problems caused two days of sporadic outages for users over the weekend.

Economic Group: US Slipping into Recession

A highly respected economic research group says the U.S. is slipping into another recession and there's nothing policy makers can do to head it off.

Eurozone Mulls Greek Aid amid Global Sell-Off

Finance ministers from 17 eurozone countries are meeting in Luxembourg to debate whether or not to extend aid to a debt-ridden Greece.