November 2011 Headlines

Spain's Green Disaster a Lesson for America

President Obama has said Spain should be a model for America in green technology. But economists say they should be a warning to America, not an example.

Europe Delays Major Decision on Debt Crisis

European finance ministers for the 17 countries that use the euro have decided to put off any major actions on the region's debt crisis.

Nevada the New Poster Child for US Economy

Nevada is a beautiful state, but the ugliness brought by the country's housing crisis has turned some neighborhoods into virtual ghost towns.

Facebook Considers Stock Offering

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the social networking site wants to raise as much as $10 billion by selling stock to the public.

American Airlines Files for Bankruptcy Protection

The parent company of American Airlines has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, citing overwhelming debt due expensive labor contracts and rising fuel costs.

America's Debt Problem Reaching Disaster Level?

All eyes are on Europe's financial problems, but with America's federal debt growing so large, so fast -- the U.S. could soon be in its own disaster.

World Markets Recover on Euro Rescue Plan

France and Germany are working on a plan to prevent the European debt crisis from getting worse.

Cyber Monday: Holiday Sales Off to Record Start

More Americans shopped for Black Friday bargains this year than ever before.

Santa Claus Leaves Presents for Pets, Too

Christmas isn't just for kids. Retailers will tell you it's also for people's pets.

Small Business Saturday Spotlights Local Stores

The goal of the shopping day is to steer shoppers toward locally owned small businesses instead of bigger stores.

Service Member to Unemployed Vets: 'Look to God'

A U.S. Navy seaman tells CBN News about his job search outside the military, saying he has "put it in God's hands."

Earlier Hours, Deals Woo Black Friday Shoppers

A few violent incidents broke out on Black Friday as millions of shoppers rushed into stores that opened their doors several hours earlier than usual.

Travelers, Families Will Dig Deep This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving is shaping up to be the most expensive ever. And it's not just travel costs that are up.

Laws Leave Mass. in the Cold on Black Friday

Retailers are rolling back the clock on Black Friday, opening their doors at midnight Thursday.  But Massachusetts stores are left out of the game.

Unemployment Aid Applications Lowest Since April

Experts say the decline in applications could be a sign hiring is picking up.

China May Challenge U.S. Dollar Within Decade

China's currency could pose a challenge to the U.S. dollar's global dominance within a decade, according to a special commission appointed by Congress.

Forbes Releases Top Cities for Working Moms

Forbes Magazine recently examined the best cities for working mothers and their families to call home.

Researchers Predict Strong Chance of U.S. Recession

The chances of a recession in the United States are now above 50 percent, according to research from the San Francisco Federal Reserve.

Black Friday Run Amok? Critics Launch Web Protest

Some of the nation's largest retailers are looking to start Black Friday early this year -- a move some worry will encroach on family time.

Time Spent Cutting Coupons Can Save Big $

Some people overlook coupons in magazines and newspapers, not realizing that cutting, saving and sorting them can save hundreds of dollars at the supermarket.

Obama Hosts APEC, Committee Deadline Near

Twenty-one of the world's leaders are discussing ways to revive the global economy at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit being held in Hawaii this week.

Hard Times Café? High Prices Squeeze Restaurants

Soaring food prices have many Americans saying no to dining out. Now many restaurants are working hard to win them back.


Italian Senate Passes Economic Reform Bill

Italy's Senate voted 156-2 in favor of a new package of economic reforms demanded by the European Union on Friday.

Progress in Italy, Greece on Debt Sends Stocks Up

An unexpected drop in unemployment claims and signs of progress in Europe's debt crisis pushed stocks higher in afternoon trading Thursday.

Unemployment Applications Fall to 7-Month Low

The number of people who applied for unemployment benefits last week fell to a seasonally adjusted 390,000, the Labor Department said Thursday.

Critics Say 'Bah Humbug' to Christmas Tree Tax

The Obama administration has reversed its decision to approve a new tax on Christmas trees after conservative critics accused the White House of spoiling Christmas. 

Markets Recover for Now as Italy Sells Bonds

Stock markets around the world recovered Thursday after a major sell off which took nearly 400 points off the Dow industrials on Wednesday.

'Walking Around the Christmas Tree' May Cost More

The Agriculture Department on Tuesday gave its approval for a 15-cent fee on fresh Christmas trees.

Businesses Freeze Hiring in Weak Economy

Many businesses believe the United States is in a new recession now, or headed for one.

Italian PM: I'll Resign after Austerity Bill Passes

Silvio Berlusconi vowed to step down as Italy's prime minister after parliament passes a "stability bill" containing economic reforms demanded by the EU.

Experts: Do Your Homework on Banks vs. Credit Unions

Experts note that both credit unions and major banks come with advantages and dissadvantages and encourage consumers to do their homework.

Economists Warn Eurozone Days May be Numbered

Some economists are now questioning whether anything can save the eurozone in its present form.

McDonald's CEO's Economic Advice for Washington

Jim Skinner, chief executive officer for the McDonald's Corporation, says in order to help the U.S. economy, lawmakers in Washington need to curb spending and cut taxes.

'Undercover Boss' Not Shy About His Faith

Baja Fresh CEO David Kim's business success captured the attention of the hit CBS show "Undercover Boss."  But it was his faith that had audiences talking.

Unemployment Rate Drops Slightly to 9 Percent

The number of people out of work dropped by a tenth of a point to 9 percent, the first drop since July.

Greek PM Future in Question after Debt Vote Fiasco

Greece's Prime Minister may lose his position after creating international turmoil over a Greek bailout deal hammered out last week by European leaders.

Greece Scraps Debt Referendum as G20 Convenes

Two officials close to Greece's prime minister say he has scrapped his plan to hold a national referendum on the latest European rescue plan for Greece.

'Squatting' New Texas Trend in Homeowning?

What if you could move into a quarter-million dollar house for just $16?  One Texas man did so under an old 'squatters rights' law.

Fed Predicts Weaker Growth for Economy

The Federal Reserve issued an even gloomier outlook for the U.S. economy on Wednesday than it did just five months ago.

Experts Warn Debit Card Fee 'Victory' a Job Killer

Financial experts say new congressional regulations have had a big role in the cost of banking, forcing the institutions to pass the higher costs on to consumers.

Greek PM Stands by Referendum, Rattling Markets

Greece's call for a national referendum on a rescue deal, threatens to unravel the hard-won $177 billion eurozone plan hammered out in Brussels last week. 

Banks Drop Debit Fees amid Consumer Outcry

Four banks have decided to drop newly-imposed debit card fees after consumers nationwide cried foul over what they viewed as gouging.

European Markets Fall After Greek Vote Pledge

Markets fell Tuesday over concern that Europe's plan to save the euro is already falling apart.

October Stock Market Gains End on Sour Note

After a month of historic gains, the U.S. stock market ended October on a low note over concerns about Europe's plan to contain Greece's debt crisis.