December 2011 Headlines

No Snow Leaves Ski Resorts Struggling

The lack of snow has been bad for business at ski resorts across the country, where many ski slopes are still covered with grass.

Eurozone Facing Recession Hurdles in New Year

European leaders will face major hurdles trying to solve their debt crises in the New Year as the eurozone economy appears headed for a recession.

France Approves Tax on Sugary Drinks

France is placing a new tax on all sugary beverages in an attempt to fight obesity and to boost state coffers.

Oops! New York Times Discount Deal a Mistake

The New York Times accidentally sent out a discount email to more than 8 million people.

Sears Closing More than 100 Stores

The Christmas shopping season wasn't good enough for Sears.

US Economy Predicted to Grow, But Vunerable

Economists expect slightly stronger growth this coming year, according to a recent Associated Press survey.

Holiday Shopping Bonanza Road to Economic Health?

Millions of people across the country stormed the malls on Monday for those Mega Monday sales.

Tax Tips in the Season of Giving

Beyond feeling better, financial planner Robin Tull says giving can lighten your tax burden.

Latest Data Suggests Economy on Upswing

Experts say that although the economy grew slower in the summer than first thought, it's ending the year on a high note.

Gold Losing 'Safe Haven' Status amid Debt Crisis?

As the eurozone struggles to resolve its debt crisis, a new Reuters poll shows experts expect gold prices to fall next year.

US Chamber of Commerce Computers Hacked

For possibly more than a year, hackers in China managed to breach the computer systems at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Jobless Rate Drops in 43 States

Unemployment rates fell in 43 states last month -- the biggest nationwide drop in eight years.

Retailers Elated as Shoppers Snap up Christmas Deals

Retailers are reporting a record 2011 holiday season. And according to the National Retail Federation - it's not over yet.

Grants Awarded to Ministries by Online Vote

A new charity matching grant is providing important help for Christian ministries.

Jobs Outlook Brightens: Layoffs Drop Sharply

Applications for jobless benefits, which are used to measure the pace of layoffs, dropped to 366,000 last week.

Consumer Spending Continues to Rise

Retail sales are up for the sixth straight month in a row, hinting that the economy is on a slow, but progressive rebound.

'Sin-Free' Vacations Could Rock Egypt's Economy

Some Egyptian Muslim groups want tourists to conform to Islamic laws while visiting their country.

US Online Holiday Sales Up 15 Percent

Internet sales in the U.S. this holiday season are up 15 percent to $24.6 billion, according to comScore.

Northeast States Cut Heating Aid to Poor

Thousands of poor people across the Northeast are bracing for a difficult winter with substantially less home heating aid coming from the federal government.

Debt Crisis Leading World to Financial Brink

As governments worldwide face money trouble, economists and investors are watching and waiting -- hoping the world doesn't fall off the financial precipice.

Fed Says Americans Borrowing More

Americans increased their borrowing in October to buy cars and pay for college, and they also charged a little bit more on their credit cards.

Britain Says No to EU Debt Crisis Plan

European leaders crafted an agreement in an attempt to convince global markets that the euro will survive the debt crisis. But Britain declined to get on board.

Unemployment Applications Drop to 9 Month Low

The Labor Department reported Thursday that applications were down last week by 23,000 to a seasonally adjusted 381,000. That's the lowest number of applications since February.

S&P Threatens to Downgrade Eurozone Countries

The credit rating agency Standard and Poor's is threatening to downgrade most of Europe as the continent's debt crisis continues.

Holiday Hiring Sees Largest Gains in Four Years

New data shows 423,500 employees were added to the holiday workforce in November, the largest gain since 2007.

Many Companies Reinstate Workers 401k Match

Hundreds of companies across the country are giving their employees back a benefit they took away during the recent recession, just in time for Christmas.

French, German Leaders Kick off Crisis Talks

French President Sarkozy and German Chancellor Merkel are meeting in Paris on Monday to craft a cohesive plan that will tackle Europe's debt crisis.

Post Office Cuts to Slow Mail Delivery Next Spring

The U.S. Postal Service's financial problems could soon delay your mail as the agency prepares to make unprecedented cuts to its ballooning budget.

Jobless Rate Falls to Lowest Level in Two Years

The unemployment rate took a sharp drop in November, falling to 8.6 percent, which is lowest level since March of 2009.

Merkel Rejects 'Quick Fix' for EU Debt Crisis

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says it will take years to solve Europe's debt crisis.

Unemployment Applications Up for Second Week

Applications for unemployment benefits have increased for a second straight week -- a sign the economy is still recovering at a slow pace.

Skeptics Pan Central Banks' Move as Temporary Fix

The Dow Jones closed above the 12,000 mark Wednesday after the world's central banks lowered the cost of borrowing. But skeptics warn it's too early to celebrate.