January 2012 Headlines

EU Leaders Agree to Curb Excess Spending

EU leaders signed a fiscal treaty Monday designed to end the bloc's crippling debt crisis by capping deficits and government debt.

Soros: Fall of Euro Would Doom Global Economy

Billionaire George Soros is predicting riots in the U.S. and a possible global economic collapse if more isn't done to safeguard the euro.

Even in a Weak Economy, Coffee Sales Strong

The weak economy isn't stopping American workers from buying one of their favorite beverages -- coffee.

Senate Passes Obama's $1.2T Debt Request

The Democratically controlled U.S. Senate sided with President Obama Thursday and raised the nation's debt level again by another $1.2 trillion.

Monster.com to Cut 400 Jobs

Officials at Monster.com, one of the well-known sites meant to help people find jobs, said they now need to let go of some its own workers.

Fed Says Interest Rates to Remain Low

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said interest rates will stay low for at least another two to three years as the economy recovers.

Analysts Predict Housing Market Rebound in 2012

Economists say the combination of lower home prices and historically low interest rates could turn the real estate market around.

Euro Leaders Hammer Out Greek Debt Deal

Negotiators say they've made progress toward a deal. However, important details still have to be worked out.

Obama Reveals Plans to Boost US Tourism

President Barack Obama picked the self-proclaimed "happiest place on earth" to announce his plans to boost tourism in the United States.

Report: Credit Card Debt Down 11 Pct in 2011

Consumers cut their credit card debt by 11 percent last year, according to a new report by credit tracking and financial education website CreditKarma.com.

Silicon Valley 'Blacks Out' over Anti-Piracy Bill

Wikipedia, along with several other major websites, will be inaccessible for 24 hours Wednesday in protest of anti-piracy legislation being considered in Congress.

Athens Sees Protests as Debt Inspectors Return

More strikes and demonstrations were held in Athens as debt inspectors returned to see if financial reforms were strong enough for another bailout.

Eurozone Downgrade Barely Fazes Markets

Standard and Poors' downgrade of nine of the 17 eurozone countries had little effect on European stocks Monday.

Focus on the Family Helps Families Live Debt Free

The Colorado Springs, Colo.-based Focus on the Family ministry is broadening its focus to help families with financial problems.

Retailers Saw Record Sales in 2011

Retail sales reached a record level last year, despite sales barely rising in December.

Unemployment Apps Jump after Holiday Season

There was a jump in applications for weekly unemployment benefits last week, rising by 24,000 to a seasonally adjusted 399,000.

Teens Struggling to Find Part-Time Employment

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said the unemployment rate for those between ages 16 and 19 is at 26 percent.

Pump Shock! Gas Up 12 Cents in Three Weeks

Gas prices are going up, and drivers are starting to feel the pinch at the pump.

Eurozone Leaders: Growth Priority in Debt Crisis

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy are meeting in Berlin Monday to address the growing debt crisis in the eurozone.

John Maxwell Unveils 'Five Levels of Leadership'

In his new book, Christian author John C. Maxwell shares how people can maximize their potential as leaders both on and off the job.

Gens X and Y Saving More than Parents

A new survey shows that about a quarter of Americans born between 1965 and 1989 say they're using two accounts to build up their savings.

Unemployment Rate Drops to 8.5 Percent

The unemployment rate fell slightly last month to its lowest level in three years.

Jobs Report Suggests Sunnier Outlook for 2012

Weekly jobless aid applications dropped further last week, according to the latest Labor Department report.

Your Start to the Day Could Cost More

Your morning routine may get a little more expensive as the cost of everything from gasoline to breakfast food is increasing.

Fed: Fannie, Freddie Could Save Housing Market

The Federal Reserve has proposed that Fannie and Freddie get more involved in the government's housing refinance program.

US-Iran Tensions Could Boost Gas Prices

The latest tensions between Iran and the United States could soon have an impact at the gas pump, with oil prices jumping 4 percent Tuesday.

Will 2012 Be Good or Bad for Your Wallet?

Fears of economic Armageddon plagued much of 2011. Mindful of current global unrest, some experts say America's financial future is up in the air.