February 2012 Headlines

Experts Predict Dow Has Bumpy Road Ahead

After several days of trying, the Dow finally closed Tuesday above 13,000 - hitting 13,005.12, up 23.61 points for the day.

UK Chancellor: 'British Gov't Has Run Out of Money'

Chancellor George Osborne said the United Kingdom doesn't have the money to increase spending in the next budget nor can it afford tax cuts.

The Worst of Times: Gas Prices Hit $3.72

The average cost per gallon is now $3.72, the highest price ever recorded in the month of February.

Will Cuts Cripple Military or Help in Broader Mission?

Washington's spending problem has the White House eyeing the military for massive cuts. Critics worry those cuts could seriously hurt America's national defense.

Poll: Americans Prefer Cuts over Raising Taxes

Americans still prefer spending cuts to tax increases as a way to cut the budget deficit.

EU Predicts 'Mild Recession' for Eurozone

Greece is expected to lead the way with a massive 4.4 percent decline.

Rising Sales: A Housing Market Comeback?

Home sales have risen nearly 13 percent over the past six months, and housing experts believe the trend will continue.

Greece Granted $170B Bailout, Avoids Default

Prior to the agreement, Greece was facing the prospect of a default next month and possibly being forced from the eurozone.

Iran Oil Embargo Sends US Gas Prices Soaring

Gas prices shot up 2 cents overnight after Iran announced Sunday it would stop selling oil to Britain and France.

Microfinancing the Future, One Loan at a Time

An estimated 22,000 children die each day in developing countries. However, some organizations are tackling this problem with a concept called microfinance.

Moody's Downgrades Italy, Portugal, Spain

Moody's says the governments of these countries haven't done enough to take care of their debt problems.

Analysts: Rising Gas Prices Could Hurt Economy

Gas prices hit a five-month high last week and have been rising steadily in the last few weeks.

Regulations Crippling US Economy with Hidden Costs

The numbers reveal just how bad the burden on American businesses really is under the Obama administration's regulations.

Greece Cleans Up after Austerity Vote Riots

Crews swept up rubble from the streets, after violent protests against the Greek parliament's approval of harsh new measures to save the country from bankruptcy.

Greek Premier Defends Bailout Deal on Eve of Vote

Both leaders told their respective parliamentary groups that there is no real alternative to voting for the legislation, except pushing Greece to bankruptcy.

Number of Americans on the Dole Spikes

Sixty million Americans now get some form of federal aid, an all-time high, according to the Heritage Foundation.

States, Banks Agree to Foreclosure Settlement

Five of the nation's biggest mortgage lenders will pay $25 billion to settle charges over foreclosure abuses that occurred after the housing bubble burst.

Jobs Gap Between Young, Old Wider than Ever

Young adults have been hardest hit by the tight job market, according to a new study released by the Pew Research Center.

Ridiculous Gov't. Spending List Grows Longer

A recent report lists a hundred wasteful government spending examples from just last year, growing proof of Washington's outrageous culture of spending.

Unemployment Drops to Lowest Level in 3 Years

The job market continued to improve in January, with the unemployment rate dropping to 8.3 percent -- America's lowest level in three years

'Golden State' Could Be in Red by March

California State Controller John Chiang said the Golden State could run out of money by the beginning of March.