April 2012 Headlines

Gibson’s Blues: Endless Laws Criminalizing Business

Thanks to an overcriminalization, anyone could be convicted of a federal crime. It's not only bad for individuals, it's bad for business like Gibson Guitars.

Investors Worry as Spain Dips Back in Recession

The financial crisis in Europe was dealt another blow Monday, as Spain confirmed yet another recession.

Gas Prices Falling, Lower Than This Time Last Year

Gas prices continue to fall nationwide. After dropping for almost a month, the average price for a gallon of gas is currently $3.82.

Contracts for New Home Sales Rise

An index tracking the number of signed contracts to buy U.S. homes rose to the highest level in nearly two years, boosting battered housing market.

Experts Warn Europe-Like Crisis around the Corner

Dutch officials gave up this week after not being able to craft a deficit reduction plan. Experts warn the United States may be headed down the same path.

Home Sales Show Steep Drop in March

Sales of new homes fell last month by the largest amount in more than a year, signaling continued market strain.

Most Recent Graduates Face Grim Jobs Outlook

One in two are jobless or underemployed in positions that don't fully use their skills and knowledge.

Social Security, Medicare Funding Strained

New projections by trustees who oversee Medicare and Social Security reveal the programs will be unable to pay bills in future years unless Congress acts.

US Stocks Slide on Economic Tremors from Europe

A collection of worrying news out of Europe sent stocks sharply lower on Monday.

Debt Crisis: Europe Postponing Day of Reckoning?

European leaders are leading the public to believe the worst of its debt crisis is over. But many believe the eurozone in its present form is in the throws of death.

Old Problems Still Slowing Economic Recovery?

High oil prices are shrinking consumer spending power. Unemployment insurance claims are on the rise. And U.S. employers are still skittish about hiring.

President Obama Tax Plan Hurting Charities?

President Obama wants to limit the charitable contributions tax break for wealthier Americans.  But the deduction is one of the most popular.

Tax Tips Ahead of the Filing Deadline

Tax returns for 2011 are due April 17, and experts have some helpful tips for last-minute filers.

Coal Exports Hit Highest Level in 20 Years

While demand for coal is strong in other countries, it's falling in the United States.

Economy: Beware the Coming 'Taxmageddon'

If you thought your tax bill was big this year, just wait till you see what's coming next year. 

Gas Prices Expected to Hike for Summer

Gasoline prices have fallen slightly in recent days, but don't let the drop fool you. The Energy Department predicts drivers will pay an average 24 cents more per gallon.

US Debt Larger than UK, Eurozone Combined

America's debt surpasses the combined debt of the eurozone and the U.K., according to new figures released by Senate Republicans.

Study: Obamacare Adds Billions to Nation's Deficit

A new study shows the president's health care overhaul adds at least $340 billion to the deficit over the next decade.

Why the Jobs Market May Be Losing Steam

The stock market dropped Monday on the heels of a disappointing jobs report that showed the U.S. economy created only 120,000 jobs in March.

Rick Warren: Bad Economic Times a Result of Sin

Despite the finger-pointing, Pastor Rick Warren said the debt is a direct result of sin, telling ABC's "This Week" that "we have over-spent."

National Debt Matches Entire Yearly Economic Output

According to many analysts, the United States now faces a debt as big as the nation's entire economic output for a year.

Long-Term Unemployed Blight on US Recovery

Hiring in the United States is slowly making a comeback. But what many are concerned about is the 5.4 million who remain unemployed long-term.

Food Prices Rising Worldwide

The cost of food is likely to keep rising around the world, according to the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization.

Yahoo Lays Off 2,000 Employees

Internet giant Yahoo is laying off 2,000 employees, as the company's new CEO Scott Thompson attempts to turn things around.

IMF Chief: More Cash Needed to Fight Euro Crisis

The head of the International Monetary Fund wants more money from the United States in case the European debt crisis gets worse.

Slow Economic Recovery: What's Taking so Long?

The economy is seeing the best job growth in two years. But if you compare this recovery to others since World War II, many analysts ask -- what's taken so long?