September 2012 Headlines

Author's Money Saving Tip: It's All about Timing

Author Mark Di Vincenzo offers useful tips on how to save time and money, live healthier, look better, and make savvier choices for your career and social life.

Mideast Hackers Suspected of Hitting Top US Banks

Authorities are trying to find the source of a series of cyber attacks that have shut down online banking for thousands of Americans.

US Postal Service on Brink of Second Default

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe says his agency can't afford to pay the $5.6 billion payment due on Sunday. He said he's already cut spending in every area possible.

Euro Death Spiral: Spain, Greece in Total Emergency

The debt crisis plaguing several eurozone countries has crushed their economies. And now the situation in Spain and Greece is worsening.

CEOs Predict Slower GDP Growth, Cut Back Hiring

The debt crisis in Europe is just one reason leaders from America's largest businesses say the U.S. economy is getting weaker.

Retailers Ramp Up Holiday Hiring

For some Americans, this holiday season will offer a little economic relief, with as many as 700,000 seasonal jobs up for grabs.

ATM Fees on Rise, Free Checking Declines

A new report shows automatic teller machine fees are on the rise for the eighth straight year, with charges across the United States up 4 percent.

Home Prices Rose in July in 20 Major US Cities

Home prices kept rising in July across the United States, buoyed by greater sales and fewer foreclosures.

Gas Prices Down Slightly in Recent Weeks

Gas prices have dropped in the last few weeks -- but not enough for most drivers to notice.

Major Airlines Set to Raise Airfares

Southwest began the move by saying it will raise its ticket prices by $10 per roundtrip ticket on 10 percent of its routes.

Romney: Fed's Actions Proves Obama's Policies Wrong

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney charged that the Federal Reserve's latest action proves President Obama's economic policies are not working.

Moody's Threatens US with Debt Downgrade

Moody's Investor Service said it will likely cut the U.S. government's AAA credit rating if Congress can't reach a deal on the federal budget.

Price of Gold Hits Six-Month High

Gold is on the move again. The price of the precious metal hit its highest price in six months at around $1,740 per ounce.

Spain's Mortgage Fiasco Leaves Middle Class Homeless

Spain is swirling down the economic drain as poverty is spreading. Officials have been trying to prevent the country from becoming another Greece.

Stock Market Surges on European Bank Promise

The stock market is beginning to surge, as Europe's Central Bank fulfilled its promise even as the latest report still shows a disappointing jobs outlook.

Debt Hits Record High; US Competitiveness Drops

The national debt now tops $16 trillion. Meanwhile, a new survey shows America's ability to compete on the global stage is down for a fourth year.

Food Stamp Use Reaches Record Highs

The latest government report shows that more Americans are using food stamps, with participation up 0.4 percent from May. That's 3.3 percent higher than last year.

UN: Time to Take Action on Skyrocketing Food Prices

Three U.N. food agencies have urged governments to take quick action to curb rising prices of corn, wheat, and soybeans. They fear a repeat of the 2007-2008 food crisis.

Holiday Travelers Undeterred by Gas Hike

Hurricane Isaac helped to push gasoline prices to new levels going into the Labor Day weekend, but that didn't stop people from traveling.