January 2013 Headlines

Weak Growth Masking a Solid Economic Recovery?

The nation's economic growth rate may be slow, but the U.S. housing and stock markets are soaring. Experts say forecasts for slower growth hide a solid recovery.

Report: Nat'l Debt Reaching Alarming Levels

The national debt is headed toward dangerously high levels that could threaten the U.S. economy in the future, according to a report from the Peter. G. Peterson Foundation.

Price of First Class Stamps Now 46 Cents

Beginning Jan. 27, the price of first-class domestic Forever stamps went up a penny to 46 cents. Post cards now cost 33 cents to send.

Hedge Funds Flee New York for Tax-Free Florida

High-finance firms are leaving the high-tax environment of New York City for the lower taxes of Florida.

Forty States Allow Credit Card Purchase Surcharge

Keep your eyes peeled the next time you're at the cash register because you could get hit with a new credit card surcharge.

If the Economy Is Weak, Why are Stocks Going Up?

A recent Bloomberg survey of economists predicts the economy will grow between 2 and 2.5 percent this year. Overall, they expect growth in 2013 to be roughly the same as 2012.


Obamacare Blamed for Drop in Venture Capital Funding

Last year saw a major drop in funding for business startups in 2012. Observers say the decline is partly due to uncertainty over Obamacare.

Business Leaders Call for Hike in Retirement Age

An influential group of CEOs is calling to raise the retirement age for Social Security and Medicare benefits to 70, saying it would protect those 55 and older from cuts.

Economy Gets a Boost from Christmas Sales

Economic growth picked up in December, thanks to a boost from Christmas sales.

Calif. Cold Snap Could Mean Higher Citrus Prices

The cold snap across California could send citrus prices soaring. Record lows were recorded all across the state this past weekend.

US Treasury Rejects $1 Trillion Coin Proposal

The Treasury Department is rejecting the idea of a $1 trillion coin as a way of bypassing the debt ceiling.

Will $1 Trillion Coin Solve the Debt Ceiling Issue?

As the next debt ceiling battle rolls around in a few months, Democrats have come up with a plan to help President Obama.

Five Investing Mistakes You Don't Have to Make

Financial Advisor Carolyn Castleberry offers five investing mistakes you don't have to make.

Economy Adds 155K Jobs, Rate Still 7.8 pct.

U.S. employers added 155,000 jobs in December, a steady gain but not enough to push down the unemployment rate.

Global Investors Cheer Fiscal Cliff Agreement

Stocks shot up in Asia and Europe on news the Washington lawmakers managed to avert the dreaded fiscal cliff.

Hollywood Keeps Tax Break; Adoption Credit Changes

Most Americans will see their taxes go up to help pay for Social Security this year, but some industries got big breaks in the fiscal cliff deal.