May 2013 Headlines

Delayed Crops Could Mean Higher Food Prices

Rainy weather and cooler temperatures this spring are forcing farmers across the U.S. to delay planting crops, and that could lead to higher food prices.

Eurozone Hits Record Unemployment Level

Unemployment has hit another record high among the 17 member states in the Eurozone, rising to 12.2 percent in April.

Consumer Confidence Strongest in Five Years

Experts say consumer confidence is at its highest levels since 2008, according to a new report by the Confidence Board.

Tough Times Force Colleges to Re-Invent Themselves

Faced with rising costs and poor job prospects, prospective college students are re-evaluating their future and many schools are re-inventing their offers.

House Approves Variable Rate for Student Loans

Lawmakers in the House of Representatives approved a GOP-backed student loan bill on Thursday connecting student loan rates to the financial market.

Bernanke: Economy is at Risk Without Help of Fed

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress Wednesday that the country's job market remains weak and warned against ending the Fed's stimulus program.

Dow's Up: Why You May Want to Hold Your Applause

The Dow reached another major milestone Tuesday, closing above 15,000 for the first time ever. But some say it may be too soon to celebrate.

Unemployment Rate Drops But How's the Economy?

Employers added 165,000 jobs in the month of April, reducing the unemployment rate from 7.6 to 7.5 percent -- a four-year low.