July 2013 Headlines

Rwanda Building Success on Business from the Heart

Just 20 years ago, genocide left Rwanda's economy in ruins. But today, the economy is growing, thanks in part to home-grown entrepreneurship.

US Home Prices Rise 12.2%, Best in 6 Years

U.S. home prices jumped 12.2 percent in May compared with a year ago, the biggest yearly gain since March 2006. The increase shows the housing recovery is strengthening.

High Gas Prices Cause Many to Rethink Travel Plans

With gas prices soaring across the United States, taking a summer road trip just became a lot less affordable for millions of Americans.

Shooting the Golden Goose? Californians Flee Taxes

California was once the dream destination of millions of people. But now it's losing them, and high taxes and a generally anti-business attitude are to blame.

Uncertain Times: Businesses Turn to Temp Workers

Businesses have been hiring more temporary workers since the recession ended nearly four years ago.

Sequesters Didn't Hurt Economy, But What Will?

A new report shows the sequester budget cuts did not hurt the nation after al, despite President Obama's dire warnings about a terrible impact.