March 2014 Headlines

Ukraine Tensions Causing Spike in Gas Prices?

Gas prices are going up another five cents per gallon, a total increase of 26 cents in just six weeks.

Most Americans Unprepared for Retirement

Most people don't have an adequate amount of money saved for retirement - and many have virtually nothing, according a new report.

Coming Cyber-Attack: Don't Panic, Be Prepared

There are signs cyber-terrorists are poised to attack the economy. But security expert Kevin Freeman says there's no need to panic. You can be prepared.

Both Hiring, Unemployment Up in February

Although hiring across America was up in February, the unemployment rate also rose slightly, according to new figures from the Labor Department.

Lingering Winter Hurting Many Small Businesses

It's been one of the worst winters in years as most of the country has struggled with snow, ice, and record-breaking cold. Forecasters say it's not over yet.