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April 2009 Headlines

Foreclosure at Your Door? Stop! There's Help

Martine Sincoskie is like many Americans today. She has been out of work for a year and is seven months behind on her mortgage.

Ministry Helping Thousands Find Jobs

For years, Joan Stansfield's career was on the fast track. Her resume included jobs on Capitol Hill, in the White House and several high-tech companies.

Survivors Club: How to Thrive in Trying Times

When you're faced with mountains, are you a survivor? Why do some tough it out while others crumble?

Bankruptcy Likely for Two U.S. Automakers

Bankruptcy is now a likely reality for two of America's big three automakers.

CBN News 'Debt Dr.' Wants Your Questions

For millions of Americans, today's economy is filled with uncertainty.

Coping with Record High Foreclosure

Foreclosures have hit another record high, according to a recent report.

Teens Produce Anti-Tax Film 'Widow's Might'

A feature-length musical comedy produced by two teenagers, recently won the largest cash prize ever given at a film festival.

Tax Day Tea Parties Protest Gov't Spending

A new movement of Americans disgusted by high taxes is starting to form.

Last-Minute Tax Filing Tips

It can be easy for last-minute filers to make mistakes or miss out on an opportunity for a maximum return.

'Money Coach' Teaches Financial Fitness

In these tough economic times many people feel overwhelmed. They don't feel they have any control over their financial future.

Unemployment: Are We at the Bottom Yet?

The job losses pushed the nation's unemployment rate to 8.5 percent making it the highest since late 1983.

Can the Government Revive the U.S. Auto Industry?

While the federal government hopes to put the American auto industry back on the road to recovery, there are some definite hurdles towards achieving this objective.

What Are Toxic Assets?

The Obama administration on Monday unveiled the latest prong in its plan to help end the worst U.S. banking crisis in 70 years.