June 2009 Headlines

Jobless Rates Rise in All U.S. Metro Areas in May

Unemployment rates rose in all the largest U.S. metropolitan areas in May for the fifth straight month.

Brides Plan a Wedding on a Budget

If you're planning a wedding, you still want the most fabulous dress you can find. But, this year, you may have to find one on a budget.

U.S. Stock Futures Point Slightly Higher

U.S. stock futures are slightly higher in early trading Monday, amid mixed moves in overseas markets.

May Incomes Surge, Savings Outpace Spending

Households pushed their savings rate to the highest level in more than 15 years in May.

Economy Dips at Slightly Lower Pace in 1Q

The economy tumbled at a 5.5 percent pace in the first quarter, but appears to be doing better now.

Bernanke to Face Questions on BofA Deal

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke likely will face hostile questions on Bank of America purchase of Merrill Lynch.

Fed Mulls Tweaks to Economic Revival Programs

Most economists predict Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke won't launch any bold new efforts at the end of a two-day meeting Wednesday.

May Existing Home Sales Rose by 2.4 Percent

Sales of previously occupied homes rose modestly from April to May, but signs of a housing recovery are fragile at best.

Poll: Americans Less Optimistic About Economy

Americans are less optimistic that President Obama's $787 billion stimulus package will boost the economy.

Analysts Say Market Headed for Correction

It is no longer a question of "if" there will be a correction on Wall Street, but how long it will last, and how far it will go.

The Internet: Your Job, Your Finances, Your Future?

All kinds of factors are impacting the economy, but would you believe the Internet will also play a huge role in your job future?

Consumer Prices Rise Less than Expected in May

Consumer prices rose less than expected in May, fresh evidence that the recession is keeping inflation in check.

Obama Pitches Plan for Financial Regualtion

President Obama is unveiling a comprehensive plan to give the government more control over U.S. financial institutions.

Wholesale Inflation Up Less Than Expected in May

Wholesale prices rose less than expected in May as a drop in food costs helped keep overall prices down.

World Stock Markets Try to Recover From Hit

Stock markets around the world are trying to recover from a big hit Monday.

Stimulus Plan Affects Food Stamp Eligibility

Under the economic recovery plan, laid-off workers have seen a $25 weekly bump in their unemployment checks.

Americans' Net Worth Shrinks $1.33 Trillion in 1Q

American households lost $1.33 trillion of their wealth in the first three months of the year.

Big Banks Set to Pay Back Bailout Funds

Ten of the nation's biggest banks are set to pay back government bailout money.

Will Cutting Interest Rates Have Opposite Effect?

The government's plans to cut interest rates seem to having the opposite effect.

Reality Bites Internet as Ad Sales Fall

Internet advertising in the United States dropped 5 percent in the first quarter.

Unemployment Rates Hits 9.4 Percent

The nation's unemployment rate rose again in May hitting 9.4 percent.

Jobless Benefit Rolls Fall, Initial Claims Dip

The number of people on the unemployment insurance rolls fell slightly last week for the first time in 20 weeks, while the tally of new jobless claims also dipped.

Bernanke: Start Work Now to Curb Budget Deficit

Bernanke is urging Congress and the Obama administration to start plotting a strategy to curb record-high U.S. budget deficits.

Consumer Spending Dips, Savings Rate Surges

Frugal consumers trimmed spending in April, as rising unemployment kept pocketbooks in check and motivated Americans to save.