8 Ways to Recognize Binge Eating and 7 Ways to Stop

Sometime emotions like boredom, sadness or joy cause us to eat when we are not hungry at all. This type of emotional eating can lead to weight problems if it happens too often. But binge-eating is a far more serious conditional than emotional eating or mindless eating.

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Snow Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

Believe it or not, this car was actually on the road! It's an extreme example of something many of us are guilty of doing: not taking the time to scrape the ice and/or snow off the entire windshield and windows. Find out more tips that could help save a life.

American Life Expectancy Has Doubled in the Past Century
More Americans are living past 100, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
College Student Doing Well After Being Frozen Solid

Justin Smith, 26, was literally frozen solid in a Pennsylvania snow bank overnight in below-zero temperatures. But he appears to be one of a handful of people whose brain cells were preserved without damage for hours without oxygen, due to exposure to cold temperatures.

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