Tired? Overweight? It Could Be Your Thyroid

Could it be your thyroid? A leading endocrinologist from UCLA School of Medicine and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and a thyroid disease patient talk about a very easy at-home neck check you can do to see if you might be at risk for thyroid disease.

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College Student Doing Well After Being Frozen Solid

Justin Smith, 26, was literally frozen solid in a Pennsylvania snow bank overnight in below-zero temperatures. But he appears to be one of a handful of people whose brain cells were preserved without damage for hours without oxygen, due to exposure to cold temperatures.

Lose Weight, Get Healthy With Smart Fat

Nutrition expert Jonny Bowden talks about his new book, Smart Fat, in which he describes which fats are healthy and should be a regular addition to our diet, which ones to avoid at all costs, and which ones are neutral.


Swedish Man First Traveler to Board Plane Using Chip Implant

A Swedish man recently became the first person to get on a flight without a boarding pass. Instead, Andreas Sjöström just used a chip implanted in his hand.

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