April 2015 Headlines

Digital Download: Will Apple Watch Mean Annoying New Tech Habits?

The highly anticipated Apple Watch hits stores Friday and unlike Apple's other devices, users never have to put it down. Etiquette experts are anticipating a whole new wave of annoying habits to stem from the device.

Edible Passwords? 'Creepy' Future for Cyber Security

A PayPal executive is suggesting an alternative system for keeping passwords for computers and online activities, where devices are injected or embedded into the body.

‘Cleaning for a Reason’ Helps Cancer Patients

Cancer patients often experience extreme exhaustion from their treatment. This fatigue is especially difficult for women responsible for running a home.

Using Polio, Measles, HIV Viruses to Treat Cancer?

New treatments are using viruses as the latest weapon in the fight against different types of cancers. So far, doctors are seeing amazing results on patients who previously had little hope.

Everlasting Youth on Horizon? Researcers Say Yes

Could the first person to live to 1,000 years old be alive today? Dr. Aubrey de Grey thinks it's very possible.

Medicare Bill a 'Mini-Death Panel' Proposal?

Some health experts are raising concerns that Congress is about to create a "mini-death panel" that weeds out the sickest patients on Medicare.

Zipflip Revolutionizing the Car-Buying Experience

The definition of a traditional car-buying experience is evolving along with technology.


Health Benefits of a Deep Religious Commitment

People of faith have better health, both physically and mentally, and live longer than atheists, according to Duke University's Dr. Harold G. Koenig.

Kids Cutting Back on the Happy Meals

Kids may finally be eating a little better, according to a new study that shows the number of kids eating fast food dropped between 2003-2010.

Powdered Alcohol: An ER Visit Waiting to Happen?

Americans will soon have the option of consuming alcohol in a new way. It's called powdered alcohol, or Palcohol, and it's recently been approved by the government.