December 2014 Headlines

Study: Teen Drug Use Down, 'Vaping' Up

While the number of high school students who abuse prescription painkillers is way down, a new study reveals it's not all good news.

Obamacare Triggers Shutdown of Free Clinics

The Wall Street Journal says nearly a dozen free health clinics have closed in the last two years, citing the healthcare law as a major reason.

WHO: Delay of Ebola Drug Trial 'Not a Setback'

Testing of an Ebola vaccine has been suspended until Jan. 5 after four patients given the drug in a trial complained of joint pain in their hands and feet.

UN: More Time Needed to Get Ebola under Control

United Nations officials say it will take several more months to get the Ebola crisis in West Africa under control, meaning they will miss their initial Jan. 1 goal to curb the outbreak.

Ladies, It's Your Body. Here's How to Protect Yourself

It takes three ingredients for an assault to happen: a bad guy, a victim, and the right venue. With proper training, women can equip themselves and remove one of those ingredients. 

Empowered: How a Woman Can Escape Any Attack

Many believe that women wouldn't be able to overpower a man using martial arts self-defense techniques. But Gracie Jiu Jitsu was created to achieve just that.


DD: Three Keys to Growing on Social Media

On this Digital Download, Digital and Social Media Contributor Caleb Kinchlow offers three keys to growing your social media presence.

CDC: Circumcision Benefits Outweigh Risk

U.S. health officials are now saying there are medical benefits for circumcision and health insurance should pay for it.

Got Diabetes? You May Be at Risk for Dementia

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University say middle aged people with diabetes could be at a higher risk for dementia.