October 2015 Headlines

What If Choosing a Surgeon Was Just One Click Away?

You can do most anything these days on your smartphone. Now you can take it to a new level: making arrangements for surgery, with just a few simple clicks.

Don't Despair! Choose Your Own Life's Sermon

The non-profit Ronald McDonald House relies on the community and workers who go the extra mile. One man sees his work there as a living sermon, one that affords the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Doctor: 'Right to Die' Ends Medicine as We Know It

California Gov. Jerry Brown, who recently signed a "right to die" measure, is receiving backlash from some leaders in the medical and religious communities.

Step It Up! 30-Minute Exercise Isn't Enough

The recommended 30 minutes of moderate exercise isn't enough to adequately reduce the risk of heart failure, according to a new study.

Why You and Your Doctor Are Now Eyeing the Clock

Nowadays, patients experience very little actual face-time with the doctor, whereas doctors tend to rush from patient to patient. The reason? Look no further than Obamacare.

California Legalizes Medical Assisted Suicide

California is now the fifth state to legalize assisted suicide after Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that allows terminally ill patients to legally end their lives using doctor-prescribed drugs.