March 2010 Headlines

Sexually Indulgent Now, Marriage Ruined Later?

A scientist says sleeping around now could ruin your chances of having a happy, fulfilling marriage later. And he's got the research to prove it.

Something Fishy? Facts vs. Fear on Mercury

Mercury can be found in things like fish, dental fillings, and vaccines. Scientists say a little bit is ok, but warn not to over-do it. So how much is too much?

Sexual Junk Food: Porn's Degrading Effects

A group of scholars, social scientists, and psychologists are sounding alarm bells that pornography is much more harmful to society than most people think.

Need Some Exercise? Just Take a Pill

If only loosing weight were easy, right? Now, scientists have developed a pill that mimics the effects of exercise on the body

Sex Virus Cause of Head and Neck Cancers?

Doctors say the increase of  head and neck cancers is being caused by the human papilloma virus, or HPV transmitted through oral sex.

Study: Chocolate Could Reduce Heart Risk

The Easter Bunny might lower your chances of having a heart problem.

Health Premiums Could Rise 17 Pct for Young Adults

Under the health care overhaul, young adults who buy their own insurance will carry a heavier burden of the medical costs of older Americans.

Grasshopper Outlook Strikes Fear on Western Range

Grasshopper infestations have taken on mythic tones here on the arid prairie of northeastern Wyoming.

Could Hong Kong Teach China to Quit Smoking?

In China, smoking is so woven into the culture, some believe it's an impossible habit to kick. But the keys to quitting may lie in their own backyard.

Experts: One-Third of Breast Cancer is Avoidable

Up to a third of breast cancer cases in Western countries could be avoided if women ate less and exercised more, researchers said Thursday.

Health Law Makes Calorie Counts Hard to Ignore

More than 200,000 fast food and other chain restaurants will have to include calorie counts on menus, menu boards and even drive-throughs.

Iceland Fears 2nd, Even Larger Volcanic Eruption

A volcano in southern Iceland has erupted for the first time in almost 200 years, raising concerns that it could trigger a more dangerous eruption at a volatile volcano nearby.

Study: Childhood Obesity Problem More Prevalent

New research indicates the problem of childhood obesity is much worse than health experts originally thought.

Study: Skin Cancer Most Prevalent in U.S.

The number of cases of skin cancer is reaching epidemic proportions, according to two new studies.

Study: Coffee Doesn't Trigger Heart Arrhythmia

New research indicates that moderate coffee drinking reduces the risk of being hospitalized for heart rhythm problems.

Arteries Improve After Smokers Quit, Study Finds

A year after kicking the habit, studies found that smokers' arteries showed signs of reversing a problem that can set the stage for heart disease.

HIV Increasing among Homosexuals

New HIV infections are increasing among homosexuals, drug users and prostitutes.

Court: Vaccine Additive Does Not Cause Autism

A vaccine court, a special branch of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, has ruled there is no link between autism and vaccines.

Studies: Intense Treatment Doesn't Help Diabetics

Studies show that intensely lowering blood sugar, blood pressure, or fats in the blood doesn't reduce heart attacks and strokes in diabetics.

Experts Say U.S. Doctors Overtesting, Overtreating

A spate of recent reports suggest that too many Americans - maybe even President Barack Obama - are being overtreated.

More Kids Getting High Off Household Inhalants

Health experts warn that kids are abusing inhalants far more than any other kind of illegal substance.

Study Suggests Too Many Invasive Heart Tests Given

A troublingly high number of U.S. patients who are given angiograms to check for heart disease turn out not to have a significant problem.

Medical Records the Latest Target for ID Thieves

Health insurance is becoming a new target for identity thieves and it seems there's little help for victims.

Herpes Becoming Most Common Sex Disease

One in six Americans are infected with genital herpes, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

Study: Sugary Drinks Increase Diabetes Risk

America's addiction to drinking sodas and other sugary drinks is deadly, according to a new University of California study.

Ingredient Used in Many Processed Foods Recalled

Thousands of food products are being recalled after salmonella was discovered in one of the ingredients.

West Coast Reviews its Emergency Preparedness

The huge earthquake in Chile has emergency officials in the U.S. taking inventory.

'Healthy' Food Labels Tricking Shoppers?

Buyer Beware: The next time you're in the grocery store, don't be fooled by what's written on the front of the package.

Cancer Society Warns About Prostate Exams

The American Cancer Society is warning men that prostate exams may not be that helpful and may even do more harm than good.

Study: U.S. Kids Overdosing on Snack Food

Researchers at the University of North Carolina say America's children are eating more unhealthy snacks and consuming more calories.

Living Together Hurts Chances for Lasting Marriage

Couples who live together before marriage without any commitment like engagement, hurt their chances of a having a long lasting marriage.

Salt Reduction Could Save Billions in HC Costs

Cutting the nation's salt intake could save the U.S. government $32 billion in healthcare costs, according to researchers.

Preventing the Second Deadliest Cancer

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. It is the second deadliest type of cancer, behind lung cancer.

Hurricane Rise Part Natural Cycle, Not Warming

The latest research suggests that the rise in the number of hurricanes since 1995 was simply part of a natural cycle.

Study: Teen Alcohol and Drug Use Rising

A new report being released Tuesday says alcohol and drug use among teens is on the rise.

High Fat Diet Linked to Stroke in Women over 50

A new study shows high fat diets can significantly increase the risk of stroke in women over 50.