April 2010 Headlines

In Search of the 'God Particle'

Who are we? Where did we come from? What are we made of? Some scientists believe they are one step closer to answering those questions.

Sweet Remedy? Treating Allergies with Honey

While many people find all the seasonal pollen to be a major annoyance, some say eating honey containing local pollen is a natural way to fight allergies.

Sickle Cell Trait: Testing Before It's Too Late

Many don't know they have sickle cell trait and can go through life without symptoms. But combined with rigorous exercise, it can be deadly.

Creation Museum Celebrates One Million Visitors

A museum in Kentucky that promotes biblical teaching about the origin of the universe says it reached the milestone of one million visitors on Monday.

Prostate Cancer: Sharing Stories of Survival

Every year, doctors tell about 200,000 American men they have prostate cancer.  One in 35 will die from the disease.

Vitamin E Shows Promise for Treating Liver Disease

People with a common, obesity-related liver disease that has no known treatment got a surprising benefit from vitamin E pills, researchers reported Wednesday.

Study Links Chocolate to Depression

New research by the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine shows that increased chocolate consumption is linked with depression.

CDC: Obesity Cause of Future Health Problems

A new report by the Centers for Disease Control says a growing obesity epidemic is a root cause for health problems among American adults. 

The Four Habits That Can Reduce Your Lifespan

Certain bad habits including smoking, drinking too much alcohol, inactivity and poor diet can age you by 12 years, new research shows.

Balancing Love for Earth and its Creator

Author Matthew Sleeth says it's possible to be a Christian and an environmentalist -- as long as everything is kept in proper perspective.

Vatican Will Finance Adult Stem Cell Research

The Vatican will finance new research into the potential use of adult stem cells in the treatment of intestinal and possibly other diseases, officials announced Friday.

NASA Satellite Captures Sun Images

The bright images and short movie clips were taken from a new satellite designed to predict solar storms.

Meteor Fragments on Display at Wis. Museum

The University of Wisconsin in Madison is displaying several pieces of the spectacular meteorite that lit up the sky as it fell over Wisconsin last week.

FDA Considers Limits on Salt in Food

A new report by the prestigious Institute of Medicine is prompting the federal government to consider placing limits on the amount of salt in food.

Group Warns More Recruits 'Too Fat to Fight'

A group of retired military officers says American kids are too fat to fight, going so far as to say today's school lunches are threatening national security.

Space Shuttle Discovery Lands Safely

The shuttle containing its crew of seven astronauts came in for a smooth landing at Kennedy Space Center with Capt. Alan Poindexter at the controls.

Poll: Americans Support Marijuana for Medical Use

Most Americans are against making marijuana illegal, but many more support making available for medical use.

Rain, Overcast Skies Delay Space Shuttle's Return

Rain and overcast skies prevented space shuttle Discovery from returning to Earth on time Monday.

UN Health Agency: Fallen Volcano Ash a Health Risk

Officials warned Friday that Europeans should try to stay indoors if ash from Iceland's volcano starts settling.

Obama Scuttles Moon, Sets Mission to Mars

President Obama assured workers he is '100 percent committed' to the future of NASA, despite cutting space missions.

Study: Malpractice Worries Help Drive Health Costs

A substantial number of heart doctors - about one in four - say they order medical tests that might not be needed out of fear of getting sued, according to a new study.

High Carb Intake May Increase Heart Disease in Women

Eating too much of certain carbohydrates may increase the risk of heart disease in women.

Study: Certain Foods May Reduce Alzheimer's Risk

A new study shows that eating the right type of foods may reduce the risk for Alzheimer's disease.

Temporary Fix Helps Patients Around Drug Allergy

Medical centers are recommending a carefully controlled method to help patients temporarily tolerate medications that their bodies once rejected.

New 'Nanotechnology' May Streamline Check Out

New technology could make a big difference in how long shoppers stand in line at the grocery store.

Scientists Say '10 Pollen Season Worst in Years

If you've been outside lately, you know pollen is everywhere this season. From Florida to Texas to Colorado, scientists say it's worse than it's been in years.

Discovery Astronauts Take First Spacewalk

Discovery astronauts Rick Mastracchio and Clayton Anderson took the first spacewalk of their current mission on Friday.

Four Die in NATO Copter Crash

A U.S. Air Force helicopter crashed in southeastern Afghanistan, killing three service members and one government contractor.

Cow Flatulence Not Tied to Global Warming

Many people don't believe in global warming. But if you do, you can't blame Bessie the cow for it anymore.

Small Asteroid Set to Zip by Earth Thursday

The asteroid was only recently discovered by NASA and is about 71 feet wide.

Study: Smoking Hikes Risk of Multiple Sclerosis

A new study by researchers from Harvard University shows smoking may increase the risk of getting multiple sclerosis.

Jamie Oliver: Starting a 'Food Revolution'

The revolution started in a West Virginian town, but now Oliver is urging folks nationwide to cook food in its natural, "naked" state for a healthy, productive life.

Shuttle Discovery Arrives at Space Station

Space shuttle Discovery successfully docked at the International Space Station early Wednesday, with its astronauts overcoming a rare antenna breakdown.

Active Pregnant Women Have Slimmer Babies

Pregnant women who exercise reduce the chances of their child becoming obese later in life according to a New Zealand study.

1 Hour Daily Exercise Fights 'Fatso' Gene in Teens

One hour of moderate to vigorous exercise a day can help teens beat the effects of a common obesity-related gene with the nickname "fatso," according to a new European study.

Discovery Shuttle Makes Launch

The seven-member crew is carrying tons of cargo, science experiments and spare parts to the International Space Station.

Is Aging a Key to Happiness?

Research suggests the older you get, the happier you become.

Russian Spacecraft Docks at Space Station

The Russian Soyuz spacecraft docked at the International Space Station on Sunday morning.

Two Russians, One American Fly to Space Station

A NASA astronaut and two Russian comonauts are headed to the International Space Station aboard a Russian rocket.

Study: Small Soda Taxes Do Not Dent Obesity

New research by the RAND Corporation shows putting small taxes on soft drinks does not decrease childhood obesity.